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The Survivalists Cheats

The Survivalists

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get a Backpack Early:
There are four different locations where you can find a Backpack quite early 
in the game. The first is northeast from the shelter in the ravine. You will 
find an abandoned car here, where the backpack along with other loot will 
be stashed in the trunk of the car.

The second location is slight to the north of the shelter, where another car
is waiting for you. This car will be on the road that goes to Santa Maddalena. 
There might be some enemies here, so be prepared for a fight before you can 
check on the loot in the car.

The third location where you can get a backpack is in Dejado, where you have 
to go to the hardware store and look towards the house on across on the other 
side. Enter this house and you will find the items inside along with a backpack. 

The last location comes across when you are completing the Running Date Mission 
with Alice. It will be on the mountain trail where it can be in two locations 
close to each other. Check for the backpack either in the convenience store or
in the abandoned car nearby.
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