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The Mortuary Assistant Cheats

The Mortuary Assistant

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Demon Banishing Guide:
Written by Bloodshed

You will learn how to identify a demon and banish him correctly.

-=3 Main Steps=-
The process of banishing consists of 3 steps:

* Identify the body.
* Identify the demonís name.
* Burn the body.

-=Which Body to Burn?=-
It is very important to choose the body correctly. There are 3 bodies 
during your shift. at the start of the shift they reside in the cold 
storage. One of them is possesed. So how to tell which one fo them?

Pay attention to the body that you are embalming. 
There are 3 "triggers" which can be a sign of possesion:

* New marks (burns, rash, scratches, etc) may appear on the body.
* The body may twitch a little (look at the hands and feet).
* The smile may appear. After stitching up the jaw pay attention to the mouth 
  of the body. If it looks like your dead man is smiling Ė thats a sign of 

Pay attention to the haunts and events. There are two particular events, 
involving bodies that can proove itís posessed.

* The "slamming doors" event. The little doors in the cold storage will open 
  and close repeatedly. After that one of the bodies will roll out of the 
  storage. The body that rolls out Ė is the one which posessed.

* The event when one of the bodyes appear in the hallway to the cold storage. 
  A ghost figure representing one of the bodies you embalm may appear there.

The end-game sigil. You can draw in your notepad (yoy have to pick it up 
from the desk) in order to know haw much time you have left to banish the 
demon. When the time is runnung out the drawing in your notepad becomes a 
sigil (a demons mark). Remember this sigil.

* You can pick up the matches (reception room) and the ash bag (cold storage
  room in front of incenerator). Then you can fill the bag with ash (ash is 
  under the incenerator). Than apply the ash bag to the body you suspect is 
  posessed. The ash will appear on itís stomack. Now ypu need to use matches 
  on this ash. The sigil will appear.

* If the body is possesed the sigil in your notepad will be the same as the 
one on the body. If they are different, than the body is 100% NOT posessed.

-=What Is the Demonís Name?=-
There are letting strips in your wooden closet (old drawer) on the left from 
the computer. You can use them to get the sigils which represent the demonís 
name. Demonís name consists of 4 sigils.

Take the letting strip in your inventory. Then press Q. When you getting 
closer to the sigil, the letting strip will smoke, burn and eventualy 
evaporate in flames. After this a sigil will uncover. It man appear on the 
walls or the floor.

At the start of the shift you can uncover only 2 sigils. While embalming 
the 2nd body you can uncover one more. During the 3rd embalming Ė the last 

There are 4 fixed places in which the sigils appear:
* Embalming room.
* Reception.
* Hallway to the cold storage.
* Cold storage.

After getting all 4 sigils you have to put them togather correctly. Open up 
the "Nightshift database" in computer (the password is written on the back 
doctors access card in the drawer near the doors to the hallway of cold 
storage). There you can find the demonís names. Choose the one which contains 
only the sigils you found. Remember the order in whisch they are put in.

Now you can write this name on the mark.

-=Send Him to Hell!=-
* Put the Mark on the corect body.
* Roll it to the incenerator.
* Press the red button.

Congratulations! Now you can hear demon screaming in agony!
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