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Thea 2: The Shattering Cheats

Thea 2: The Shattering

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginners Weapons Guide:
Written by Dart

This guide will explain some basic concepts about weapons. How damage calculated? 
What is the difference between different weapon types?

There are three types of challenges in Thea 2 where you can use items (weapons): 

* Physical (Red)
* Mental (Yellow) 
* Spiritual (Purple)

Most of basic weapons you will see in early game are used in Fights - a Physical challenge, 
where you are actually trying to kill opponents and they are trying to kill you. Characters 
use their weapons and skills to inflict damage. Sounds easy? Not so fast :)

You may notice that same sword equipped by different characters deals different damage! 

-=Let's look closely at some weapon=-
Number after skull is damage multiplier - 1.4 in our case. It is applied to the attribute 
linked to the skill. For most basic melee weapons this attribute is Strength.

This is how we get damage inflicted with this hatched by this character: 7.0 * 1.4 = 9.8

9.8 is damage - you see in brackets after multiplier. Try to give this weapon do different 
characters and you'll see that number in brackets changes 
(if characters has different Strength).

As you can see - the rule is simple. 
The higher the multiplier the higher the damage. 
Higher quality items usually have higher multiplier. 

But there are exceptions to this rule! Some weapons scale differently. 
Check out this Amber Spear:

Do you see this small "+" after skull? This changes formula completely. 
Instead of multiplier - you'll get an addition. 
Attibute (Strength) is still applied but to very small extent.

-=Formula here will look like=-
(0.2 * Strength) + [bonus damage]

In our case it is (0.2 * 8) + 6.7 = 8.3

Those weapons can be very useful for characters with small attribute linked to the item. 
Your mage can now poke enemies with this Amber Spear and do some decent damage!

-=But damage is not everything!=-
Another important aspect of the skill (weapon) is Delay. All cards act in battle based on 
the delay. Some weapons are faster then other so you may kill you opponents before they 
can even hit you.

Each weapon has its own delay (in this case it is 3.5) and each character has its delay, 
based on Wits (in this case 3.2). Final delay for this skill (weapon) in the battle is a 
sum of item delay and character delay (3.5 + 3.2 = 6.7) - you see it in brackets.

Healing Guide:
Written by marshalknight

Healing for dummies: What exactly does food do?

To Understand Healing You Must Understand Damage!

So, here you are, trying to figure this out, because seriously.. its hard to figure out! 
so here.... we.. go..

There are not 3 types of combat, there are actually 6 types of combat in Thea 2. 
Yep, no one told us.

Here are the six types:

* Physical (Red Card) with weapons.
* Physical without weapons (Red border No fill) (non permanent damage).
* Mental (Yellow) with weapons.
* Mental without weapons (Yellow border No Fill) (again not permanent).
* Mystical (Purple Card) with weapons.
* Mystical with unicorns.. no not for real come on, you believe everything you read?.. 
Mystical without weapons (Purple Border No Fill) (yea.. still not permanent).

Ok lets discuss these combat types.

1) In Physical with weapons: your warriors with weapons are going to shine. All damage 
is permanent therefore, if someone dies here, you got a good chance you are going to 
lose them. This game seems to go along DnD lines where a -10 health means gone, with 

2) Physical without weapons: is so much funner, you still get your warriors, (and you 
hope they have attack skills that do not involve their weapons), but, none of this damage 
is permanent. You can Win, Lose, surrender, it doesn't matter to the battle.... 
The event on the other hand.. may have some punishments for you if you lose/surrender.

3) Mental: omg.. get a zerca! no seriously get one.. anyway mental is best handeld by 
your zerca's shamans and actually crafters (usually) because most mental attacks are 
based on wisdom. Mental is your yellow bar, and it is a nasty lady that you really 
want to understand before you give her cuddles, please refer to the Mental Healing 

4) Mental without weapons: Ok you still want a shaman/zerca or both but.. if you fail 
here, there are no permanent consequenses from the battle. There may still be 
consequenses from the quest itself for failing the combat.

5) Mystical with weapons: did i mention a need for shamans/zercas? yea.. same here. 
Your purple bar is in jeapordy here.. Unless you start with a shaman or a zerca with 
a mystical attack you really wanna steer clear of these combats. 

6) Mystical w/o weapons: same as above but usually not as harsh when you lose 
(yes i didn't say if).

In ALL of these combats, it is much better to surrender on any stage of turn 1 once 
you finally figure out you are going to lose. (Try it, you'll see why).

I Need a Doctor: Healing Physical Damage

Ok you just completed (win or lose its cool man) a physical challenge, or surrendered 
in a mental/mystical challenge that's consequences involved physical damage. 
It's cool bro, unless someone is below -10 (and sometimes even then) you got this. 

Healing Physical damage is easy. As long as you have firewood, food, and camp at the 
end of turn all of your characters will heal physical damage. 

See? Easy Peasy Lemon Sq... nevermind, Mental is next....

Mental Damage: Why Food Matters

So, you just lost your first mental challenge.. 

Don't panic.. you may survive.. well honestly you probably won't but whatever, you'll 
learn so you don't die next time.

Ok so. Mental HP is actually 2 fold. You have Mental Health, and Morale. 

Morale will continually rise by 1 every turn for every character until it reaches 10 times 
the amount of types of food you have available to eat. Did you get a food recipee that only 
gives you 2 food types? Leave Yellow alone!!!! 

When your Mental Health is below max, your morale will be used to heal that Mental Health. 

Lets discuss this. 

If a character has 85 max Mental Health and 40 Morale (4 food types) and that character dies 
(lets say for calculation purposes it was an exact hit, taking the character to exactly 0) 
in Mental Combat (full yellow card) , During the next 2-4 turns (I do not know the exact 
numbers on this during this writing) all 40 Morale will turn into Mental Health. Now that 
character has around 43-44 Mental Health (remember it took a few turns), and 0-1 Morale. 

Here is where it really stinks (I actually sent a bug report before I understood this, 
thinking that my Morale wasn't coming back) 

Now every turn if you are at 0 Morale you will gain 1 Morale (trying to get back to your 
max 10x your food types), if you are at 1 Morale, you will lose 1 morale, and gain 1 mental 

This means If you have 85 max mental health 40 morale, and die (absolute 0), it will 
take around 60-80 turns to finally be back to full mental health and full morale.

Now you may see why I say, If you think you might lose, just surrender.

Mystical Damage: I'll take Rituals for 300 Alex

Just like all of the other damages Mystical Damage has a special way to be healed. 

Rituals, are the only way to heal Mystical damage.

Rituals take very specific ingredients that you can find by going to camp, clicking 
the ritual (candle) icon, and clicking new task. 

The only real issue here is it doesn't really say how much damage is healed, because I 
can tell you it isn't 100 for the first one even though thats what it looks like its 
supposed to be.

Tips and Tricks:
Things to Know Before Playing

* The first thing you should do is click on the magnifying glass for your group and make 
  sure you only use ordinary wood for fuel. Click on any other wood you have so it’s 
  prohibited, and uncheck ‘Use new fuel items’.
* On the same page, it’s also better not to use raw food, until you have masses of it. 
  Get cooking asap and use your first research point to get more recipes, so food is less 
  of an issue. I forget its name, but the ‘traditional’ recipe choice is usually a safe 
  bet to start.
* You have a magic stone with which you can either make a swanky ring or build a settlement. 
  I prefer to build a village asap because it helps improve your squad, research, etc. 
  Ideally it should be in a place with lots of resources. Not ordinary bone, amber, iron, 
  or plain leather, though, they’re trash.
* The settlement gets bonuses to various activities as you build structures there and 
  like with most everything else the better the materials you use the better the bonus. 
  Unlike the settlement totem you can deconstruct and rebuild the additional structures 
  with better materials.
* Use one of the tier 2 resources to build your settlement unless you’re fortunate enough 
  for a tier 3 spawn.
* Settlements can eventually harvest resource 2 or 3 hexes away rather than just the ones 
  adjacent to it so keep that in mind when you settle. Also look for wood, coal, and at 
  least two food types within range.
* The same food item made with different ingredients counts as a different food type for 
  morale bonuses. Cooked food is also more efficient in terms of meals per resource.
* Basic gathering bags are good to make early. Even a simple one made with leather can 
  be a good early bonus. Generally the +% gathering/crafting is better than a flat bonus
 once the character’s skill is above 10.
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