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The Ultimatest Battle Cheats

The Ultimatest Battle

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Best Boss Fight Strategy:
Written by HappyGumDisease

On this Guide, I will show you what works really well for me 
when I am playing the Boss Fight game mode. 

-=What is Boss Fight?=-
Boss Fight is a game mode on The Ultimatest Battle where the Reds 
all are put on one team and are given a certain time limit to defeat 
the single Blue. The person on Blue is given powerful weapons and a 
super extended health bar to stay alive as long as possible. 
For TF2 Players (The game this game is based off), Boss Fight is 
basically VS Saxton Hail.

-=How to Become the Boss=-
The Boss is chosen at the end of every round. My theory is that the
 higher amount points you score on Red, the higher the chance of 
becoming the Boss you will have. Unfortunately, if you die during 
the time period between when the round ends and when the next round 
starts, you will be autobalanced into Blue and since Blue players 
are not allowed to be the Boss next round, you will not be able to 
become the boss. Try surviving as best as you can at the end so you 
don't get autobalanced. Luckily, this tactic I will show you will 
help you be the top scorer on your Team and have the highest chance 
of becoming the Boss next round.

All you need for this strategy is the stock Glutton! All that really 
matters is that you have the pre-unlocked Grenade Launcher equipped 
and nothing else that you use matters!

The great thing about this strategy is that it is one of those 'so 
simple, yet so effective!' kind of things. Your only aim is to dish 
out as many grenade shells as physically possible directly into the 
Boss. Refraining from dying and refilling on ammo regularly will 
eventually gain you massive points. The point system on this game 
mode is a little different from the normal ones. I think you are 
awarded 1 point for every 50 damage you do to the Boss. 
This theory is just made up by me but that's how I believe the 
scoring system works.

Hopefully this guide did you well. You should get about double the 
points of the next best person who isn't using this tactic. If this 
guide helped you or if you enjoyed reading it then please give it
a thumbs up and maybe a favourite? Thanks everyone, see you at 
the top of the leaderboard.
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