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The Pirate: Plague of the Dead Cheats

The Pirate: Plague of the Dead

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Quick Gold Farm:
Written by Mört

-=Merchant Alerts=-
First of all max your cabins for better boarding and capturing. Max cabins is 
important since boarding kills your crew more if it takes more to capture. 
More crew means quick capture. After that use taverns in towns to get someting 
new. If you see a merchant ship alert from a town, go get that ship with their 
escorts by boarding. Those merchant escorts are mostly tier 3 so easy to deal 
with. Merchants carry tons of goods of a kind in their hold if you manage to 
capture them. 

Loot good is RNG. Those merchants lets you get some good money after capturing. 
You can repeat this process to farm some coin for your ship maintainences but 
this lootin is not very viable since you are not getting very much coins. 

-=Free Roam=-
With your first captain you get extra loot with every wreckage you find.

By utilizing this perk with the game, get a fast ship and follow the shores 
randomly to find wreckages. You have chances of finding ship blueprints, 
survivors, floating goods and even treasure maps.

Treasure maps are great way to get some money because they can give sometimes 
fair amount of coin. You have chance to get huge amount of blueprint percent 
for a specific ship also. This way works better than merchant looting but 
takes longer in time and your chances of finding good things is RNG again.

-=Campaign Worth Completing?=-
Campaign is kinda hard after a few missions so you need at least 3 galleons 
with Wicked Deeds to complete them properly since your enemies will have 
2nd rates and galleons. Wicked Deeds is strong as a 2nd rate with fewer 
cannons but her hull is tough. By capturing more galleons, you can nearly 
challenge every enemy with them. Since this game has no crew cost, you can 
bring ships as much as you want (without a captain a ship will reduce its 
speed by %60) without considering the costs. 

As for plundering, campaign is not rewardin much until the end so side 
missions and grinding is important. Only last mission is rewarding great. 
James Eury missions is a way to get some coin but mostly it barely gets 
your ships repaired or resupplied.

-=Ships and Suggestions=-
This game focuses on galleons and frigates more than the previous "Caribbean 
Hunt" game since Caribbean Hunt focused on 1st rates. 

Wicked Deeds is a very powerful ship that you will use until the end without 
any doubt. 
Do not underestimate the Whydah Gally. She is fast and strong enough to take 
down other galleons if upgraded with deadly cannons and fast reloading. Her 
smaller frame makes her to dodge cannons more and can sail through the wind 
reversed so dead angle is nothing for her 
Try capturing galleons if you. They are easy to capture with only boarding 
them and powerful enough with numbers against tier-5 ships. 
For later games, you can get a 1st rate for maximum firepower but her huge 
hull is her weakness. They are very slow in speed and rotation that other 
ships can outmaneuver her easily. In my opinion gettin only one 1st rate is 
enough for the fleet for later encounters. Swarms of galleons works way better. 
Wicked Deeds will be enough bottom to top. Her tough hull and high speed with 
good maneuver makes her the best option among the basic military ships.
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