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The Metronomicon Cheats

The Metronomicon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

These codes can all be entered on the Start Menu, without prompting, to 
enable various cheats. Enter again to deactivate.

Code            Effect	
ZIPTUNE       - All songs play 33% faster. "Chipmunk mode".
NOGGINS       - Big head mode.
NOPEEBREAKS   - Immediately starts a 50 song playlist, using your currently 
                equipped party and difficulty.
THEHUSTLE     - Notes scroll 40% faster.
PARTYTIME     - Unlock all songs, heroes, and abitities in FreePlay mode.
NOFAIL        - If you die in FreePlay mode, the song continues until the end.
THERUSH       - Boss Rush mode (five song playlist where each Boss must be 
                defeated to continue.
GOTTAGOFAST   - A fifty song playlist with a "fastest time" leaderboard. 
                Bosses must be spawned and beat before the song ends to 
IDFART        - Converts much of the game's text and dialogue to childish 
WHIRLINGMCGOO - Makes all enemies in the game harder for more challenge.

Secret Equipment Rewards:
Some pieces of gear can only be obtained by purchasing or 
owning the previous games by the Metronomicon dev team.

Item                       Location
Elena's Amulet           - Own the game "Whispering Willows".
Katie's (Andy's?) Helmet - Own the game "Concursion" on Steam.
The Witch's Grimoire     - Own the game "The Weaponographist".
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