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The Last Guardian Cheats

The Last Guardian

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The following are tips for completing the game in under five hours 
and never dying:

1.There is no way to view your in-game time. Use a stopwatch to keep track.
2.Restarting checkpoints does not count as a death. Make use of this when 
  you are about to die, miss a jump, or fall into the abyss.
3.Getting eaten by Trico does not count as a death. He will eat you in the 
  antenna rooms, which is part of the story and results in a cutscene.
4.Back up your saved game (using a USB device or PS+ Cloud) whenever you 
  have completed a section quickly. If you were slow, reload that save 
  to try again. Go to PS4 Settings  Application Saved Data Management 
  to backup and restore save games.
5.Sometimes Trico glitches out and does not do what he is supposed to. 
  The controls can also be difficult at some points. These are common 
  problems and the biggest challenge in completing the game in five 
  hours. You sometimes have to get lucky that Trico listens to your 
  commands. If you are stuck for too long, reload your last backup save.
6.When pausing the game, it is recommended to dashboard out to the XMB 
  (press PS button after pausing). This is probably not needed, but it 
  is the safest option since it will completely stop the game.
7.There is no chapter select. This means the only way to practice is by 
  reloading your backed-up save. Then, play the next section until you 
  are satisfied with your speed. Reload the save from the USB/PS+ to 
  practice the section again.
8.The game keeps counting the time when you die (and does not reset 
  the timer to last checkpoint). Dying can cost a lot of time if you 
  have to repeat long sections. Always reload the backup save when 
  you die.
9.Pressing R1 + Triangle tells Trico to jump up. Face in the direction
  you want him to jump to. This is the command you will need the most.
 It only works after unlocking this skill a while after the first antenna.
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