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The Fairly OddParents: Breakin' Da Rules Cheats

The Fairly OddParents: Breakin' Da Rules

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Level passwords:

Level  Password
2   - Wanda, Vicky, Country Boy, Cosmo, Bronze Knee Cap
3   - Wanda, Country Boy, Wanda, Crimson Chin, Crimson Chin
4   - Bronze Knee Cap, Wanda, Country Boy, Bronze Knee Cap, Spatula Lady
5   - Crimson Chin, Country Boy, Country Boy, Crimson Chin, Cosmo

"Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad" complete episode:
Collect all 33 Crimson Chin cards and complete the game. There are four cards on 
each of the eight levels, plus one from the very beginning of the game in Timmy's Dream. 

Defeating Spatula Women:
To defeat Spatula Women instantly, go behind one of the crates when she blows kisses at 
you. Afterwards, she will make rude remarks about you. Since she is not blowing kisses 
at you, press Square PlayStation2 , B Gamecube , or X Xbox to hit her at a distance. 
She will hit one of the crates with her spatula. Repeat the process to defeat her.

Defeating Vicky in the Ultimate Challenge:
After you start the challenge, dodge her fire balls then have her jump on the star. 
Then, have her jump on the X, followed by the hand, the book, and the hat.

Completing Vicky's H.W. level 2:
Find five stars, then make a wish. Timmy will wish for a hammer. If you are facing the 
boats, turn right. However, if you are not facing the boats, make a left. 

Crash Landing level: Easy Crowns:
While having the boxing gloves, punch the boxes in the houses to get a lot of Crowns.
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