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The Elder Scrolls Online Cheats

The Elder Scrolls Online

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Make Easy Money in Shornhelm (Thief's Guide):
Written by MoonlightDeity

A short, step-by-step guide on how to make easy money in Shornhelm, Rivenspire. 
There are other ways to earn money, and other places in the town for you to rob, 
but this is how I usually do it.

This guide requires you to have the Blade of Woe skill from the Dark Brotherhood 
DLC, and preferably a few points spent into the Legerdemein skill line. 
It is possible to complete this without getting caught by the guards, even if you 
have a bounty.

A small house with an easy lock. Sneak before breaking in. There are 2 NPCs. Pick 
the pockets of the woman first (2 times) and then use the Blade of Woe to kill her 
when the man isn't looking. Proceed to to the same to the man, and after that 
you're free to loot the house. There's a strong box in this house. 

Empty house, with an easy lock. Break in and loot it all! No strong box 
unfortunately. If you have the Timely Escape perk from the Thieves' Guild skill 
line, a footpad has a chance to appear to the left of this house, and teleport 
you to safety. 

A medium level house, with a harder lock. There are 2 NPCs. Wait for the short 
haired one to go down the stairs, then pick her pockets and kill her using the 
Blade of Woe. You're now free to do the same to the second NPC, and then loot 
the house. A strong box spawns close to the stairs to the unreachable second 

Boxes, sacks and barrels in front of the gate. Check them all, as there can be 
superior quality goods in them. 

The Townhall, with an unlocked door. All the stuff in this abandoned house is 
free to grab, and there can be some decent stuff here although no treasure items. 

Sneak behind the cathedral if you have a bounty, or just walk past it if you're 
safe. This house is the hardest one on the list, but it is also the most rewarding. 
There are 2 NPCs and they'll be walking all over the place, often facing each 
other. Look for the right time to pick their pockets and kill them. The woman is 
the only one who'll walk to the second floor, but the man can sometimes spot her 
from the bottom of the stairs so be careful. There's a chance for 2 strong boxes 
to spawn here. 

No need to break the lock since the house belongs to a criminal, but she still 
needs to be killed after you pick her pockets. The house contains some low level 
loot, but there are sometimes recipes and blueprints to be found. Don't forget 
to check the kitchen cupboards. 

If you have a bounty, you can sneak along the walls of the house towards the 
crafting area. Jump over the gap in the wall to avoid any guards patrolling 
the area. Just before you enter the Outlaws Refuge, there are 3 barrels you 
can loot. 

If all goes according to plan, this will only take you 15~ minutes, and you'll 
get 4000-8000g worth of stolen items, not counting you laundering goods or 
selling rare recipes. By the time you've sold the loot, most houses will have 
been reset. If not, just fast travel back and forth once. And if you still 
have a bounty on you and don't want to pay to get rid of it, the second 
entrance to the Refuge let's you escape to beyond the city wall to the east, 
were you can find a safe wayshrine to use.

Daily Login Rewards:
Daily Logins can be a chore. Luckily compared to other MMOs, ESO is pretty lenient 
towards them. You donít have to login every day on the spot, instead the timer for 
the second daily login reward counts down even when you haven't claimed the reward 
before that, meaning you only miss a login day if you donít login for over 2 days. 
Also, ESO normally only requires you to login for around 24/31 days in a month for 
the top tier rewards, so it isnít to hard to get these rewards. These rewards 
include Crown Crates, which are going to be the main way people will get their 
mounts without paying. But we will talk about those next. Daily login rewards can 
even give you DLC for free sometimes, so keep an eye out for that, as daily logins 
will be providing a lot of the said free content I talked about. And if you enjoy 
the game, since it has hundreds of hours in it, logging in daily shouldnít feel 
like a chore if you are enjoying it. Even if you miss some days.

Extra Tips and Tricks:
Written by Pyrefeather

There are more costumes than you think in game. These Costumes are called "DisguisesĒ. 
They are found throughout the base game and their purpose is to let you sneak through 
enemies without fighting them, as long as you donít go near the ones with the torches. 
However, if you attack or you get attacked, the Disguise breaks and you lose it. 

However, if you take off the disguise as soon as you get it, and never wear it, you 
can keep it. Disguises only break if you are attacked in the area the disguise is used 
for. Luckily, there is a next to no chance that you will revisit the area it is used 
for after you complete it. So by taking off the disguise until after the mission, as 
long as you donít enter that one specific area again while wearing it, you have a new 
Costume you can use. And there are some good disguises in game you will want to collect, 
such as one that turns you into a goblin you can use anywhere.

Another life hack has to do with Motifs. There are a lot of crafting styles on the 
Crown Store thatÖ Tbh you will prob never use. As long as you have costumes. 
Though some look good. 

Luckily only half of these styles are expensive in game. A lot of them you can buy in 
game from guild traders for a bit of gold, meaning there is no need to buy any of them
from the Crown Store. This includes motifs being sold right now such as Dwemer, Imperial, 
Mercenary, Assassins League, and many more styles.

The only other things you should consider buying in the Crown Store other than the DLC 
is in the upgrades tab under account, and maybe crafting under outfit styles. The 
upgrades aren't really needed, but if you want to consider buying one then buy the 
imperial upgrade. Though it is worth noting that other races can easily fill in for 
Imperial with their racial passives. The Any race, any alliance upgrade isnít really 
needed unless you do PvP, and at the time of typing, PvP is broken and unbalanced. 
As for the outfit styles they are unique with a visual effects that can only be bought 
in the store, but chances are a lot of other players wont even see the visual effect, 
because they have settings to suppress them to reduce lag.

All other upgrades such as bag space, vampirism, mount upgrades, etc, should not be 
bought as you can obtain them in game easily. Basically, you only need to buy DLC in 
this game. Everything else can be gotten for free in one way or another. You wont be 
able to get some things like costumes in the Crown Store in game, but there are so 
many costumes you can obtain in game without spending money, that you shouldn't need 
to buy any in the Store because you will almost always find one you like. Just find 
the one you want that is greyed out in your collections tab, read the achievement you 
need to do to get it, and them research as to what quest in the world it is and go do it.
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