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The Brookhaven Experiment Cheats

The Brookhaven Experiment

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Hidden Boxes:
There are hidden boxes hidden around the levels that will unlock new guns,ammo, 
etc. North will always be where the menu shows up. Also the boxes will not show 
up until the round has started.

Item	Location	
Abandoned Factory	- To the west (left) behind the barricade on top of some pipes.
Bridge            - North- Infront of you and to the upper right you will see it 
                    on top of the bridge wall.
Forrest           - North- The Clip on flashlight is in front of you on the front 
                    tire of the large truck.
Forrest           - South- Behind you in the distance is a car with the body armor 
                    crate in front of it.
Forrest           - South/West- Directly behind you is a fallen tree with the 
                    explosive ammo crate peaking out to the right of it.
Storm Drain       - North- Right in front of you next to the flaming barrel is 
                    the Armor piercing ammo box.
Storm Drain       - South- Directly behind you there is a far off flaming barrel 
                    with the mooghido pistol box next to it.
Storm Drain       - North/West- The first hallway to the left of the flaming 
                    barrel (where you found Armor piercing ammo) there is another 
                    box far down the hall.
Lab Basement      - Hallway to the right of the long hallway (east) with the 
                    stairs in the distance.Above where the ceiling pipes run.
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