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The Black Death Cheats

The Black Death

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Money Making and Experience Grinding:
Written by JPorter27

A guide to The Black Death. You'll find money making tips, how to max out your 
skills and atrributes and other tips and tricks I've picked up whilst playing 
the last week or so.

-=Basic Introduction=-
So if you've just downloaded "The Black Death" welcome, and enjoy! This guide 
will dive more into mid-game content, after you have an established base, food 
and weapons. However, for those just starting out. I would say to make your 
first camp close to Freeman's Port if possible. In early game it will be important 
to be close to fish, buy supplies, sell and overall just a shorter run. 

In town at the Town Earl (he's the one with the white crown icon above his head) 
you can buy a Land Claim Contract for a few hundred gold which will allow you 
to claim areas that are labled "Stable Ground". These are easily identifiable 
as large open fields with no trees or anything. 

You will need to level up your Building skill to craft your first shack and chest 
which I believe to be paramount. 

The first few skill points will seem like forever. Just keep gathering and trying 
to avoid the infected NPC's (they have red crosses above them). Gather, gather, 
gather. Stick piles, small stones and cotton will be your early goal. 

Keep your points in Skills, and try to avoid spending any in attributes.
 Upon death, attribute points will erase, but your skills remain. As of now 
(V. 0.30) to switch to a profession at skill level 5, you must suicide and re-
enter as that professtion. So any attributes before than would be wasted.

However, as I said this is more of an intermediate guide so let's get into the 
money making portion!

-=Farming Gold=-
So this is a little broken at the moment, but after leveling up my blacksmithing, 
I started going through weapons and armor looking for the easiest to craft, that 
returned the highest value.

This is where I discovered Iron Greaves. You'll have to put some points into 
smithing to unlock it, but once you do you'll never have to worry about money 

If you go to Freeman's Port or Ravens Reach, go to the blacksmiths. Theses guys 
usually have iron ingots and iron plates for sale relatively cheap. You can simply 
buy the plates for 500ish gold or the ingots for a few hundred. 

After you have 3-5 iron ingots/plates (you can farm the iron and coal as well if 
you'd rather) you will need 1 leather, and 1 cloth per greave. These can also 
usually be bought cheap, or of course you can craft cloth simply but collecting 
cotton and climbing the crafting ladder. 

Leather can also be made from animal pelts or simply buying in town, or from the 
wandering hunters. If you've purchased a Hunter contract, they also sell pelts 

So simply, 1 Iron plate (500gold) or crafted, 1 cloth, 1 leather and boom you 
made a lovely pair of Iron Greaves. Retail price is.....3,000 gold! Pretty decent 
turn around for close to no materials. Sure there are other pieces of armor, 
(Royal Chest) that sells for 5k, but requires 5 times the resources. These Iron 
Greaves, (as of now) are the simplest and easiest way to get cash I've found. 
Again, there could be a better way but I'm telling you what I've found to be 
the best ;)

-=Clay, Iron, and Coal=-
As you're progressing through the game, you'll find sticks, cotton and rocks 
just aren't cutting it anymore! I had gotten my building to the point I could 
start crafting Castle and Kingdom walls, but was having a hard time finding clay 
especially. Thus I moved from my original base to an area on the map called 
Turners Range. If you're on the map, between Freeman's Port and Ravens Reach, a 
touch to the south you'll find a Carrot, and well. That's Turners Range, and 
right now, is a great place to start your farming for clay,coal and iron. 

Before I realized what I was doing, I was collecting Silver and Gold ore. 
Which is great for armor, don't get me wrong! Howver, when it comes to crafting 
kingdom and castle walls you're going to want a ton of Clay, Iron and Water 

Turners Range I've found is a perfect spot for clay, coal and iron. You can set 
up camp right in the middle of a great spot. I literally run around a circle and 
farm these resources to my heart's desire! 

Within a few days I had all the clay, iron ingots coal to craft my kingdom walls. 

If you're stuck after stone walls, this is a perfect spot to get your resources!

-=Grinding Skill Points=-
I think the best way to gain skills points is a mixture of crafting and monks! 

You can gain a ton of experience from crafting. After you've farmed your coal 
and iron, go ahead and start crafting your ingots. I wait till around 40, so it 
takes some time to craft. While you're busy crafting, go to the east of Turners 
range, under Ravens Reach and start killing monks. 

Monks are relatively simple to kill, and once you have better weapons and armor, 
no big deal at all. Each kill will net your around 100 experience. So while 
you're busy crafting, kill those monks. Watch the timer though, when your crafting 
window starts getting close to 0, make sure you're close to base so you can make 
it back without being overwieght. Now you'll get a huge payout from the crafting 
as well! 

This is something I do regularly. Begin crafting, kill monks, repeat.

Some higher experience crafting items i've noticed is, Iron Ingots, (38 will net 
your 1330 experience), and Flour and Bread (both). I believe now Bread (cooking 
level 7) is 36 experience a pop!
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