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The Big Capitalist Cheats

The Big Capitalist

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
-=The Primary Task, Donít Upgrade Too Much=-
Your very first task is to unlock all the businesses in the game. 
And to do fast, hereíre some tips:

* Donít upgrade a business too much; itís waste, try to unlock new 
  businesses as fast as you can.
* Reach the milestone levels; 10, 20, 50, 100 and increase the 
  speed of all the businesses.
* Hire Managers and automate the work.
* Buy Upgrades to increase your profit by three times.

-=Double Cash By Activating Double Boost=-
At the bottom of the screen, tap on the TV icon and watch the video ad 
to activate double cash boost. This boost will last long for four hours. 
Within this time period, you earn double profit from all business. You 
can expand it to next 4 hours by watching another video ad.

-=Buy only favorable upgrades=-
In The Big Capitalist game, your objective is to earn more profit. And 
by expanding the low profitable business, you can not earn huge profit. 
For instance, profit from poultry farming business is very low as compared 
to profit you can earn from the oil company. So, try to unlock high-
profitable business as fast as you can and focus on their upgrades.

-=Get Free Diamonds In The Big Capitalist Game=-
There are many ways to get free diamonds in The Big Capitalist game:

* Daily Spin -> Go to the shop, at the top-left, tap on the spin icon 
  and spin by watching the video ad.

* Tap on the globe icon, then tap on the FB option -> connect the game 
  to your FB account and claim free diamonds.

* At the right side of the screen, tap on bonus icons(these bonuses come 
  after every certain amount of time), if there is a diamond offer 
  available; then grab it watching the video ad.

-=Attract and Claim Angles=-
* Attract angles by upgrading all the businesses and improving stats
  Claim the angles.
* Use Angles to hire premium managers and upgrades.
* Before you claim angles, keep note that; you will have to start from 
  the beginning. You can avoid resetting using diamonds.
* Come to the point; before you claim the angle, check the number of 
  angles you are getting and the rate of profit multiplier.

If the rate is good, then claim. If not, then improve your current business, 
attract more angles; this will increase the profit multiplier rate. Next
 time, you will generate profit from your businesses at this rate; so 
claim at the right time.
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