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Teamfight Tactics Cheats

Teamfight Tactics

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Useful Tips & Tricks:
* Use loss streaks to save up 30-50 gold, then start spending.
* Donít reroll your shop early in the game. Instead, wait until you 
  have reliable income from interest.
* You can pivot your composition by selling weaker units and building 
  a new composition around rarer ones youíve acquired.
* You can buy units that other players are trying to build in order to 
  make it harder for them to acquire.
* In the mid game, check the top few playersí compositions to see what 
  youíll likely be dealing with in the late game.
* It can be smart to place important ranged carries in the middle of 
  your team, or put some tankier champions next to them to defend them 
  from assassins.
* If you have some extra gold, buy units from your shop that you may 
  use in the future, then sell them if you donít end up needing them.
* In Shared Draft rounds, check for champion synergies, key items and 
  champion rarity. Rare champions or champions with full items are 
  valuable, but it can also be good to pick up an important item component 
  or a champion that fits your team.
* Sell extra units in order to reach the next interest break point. 
  If you have 49 gold, selling a 1g unit will get you to 50.
* All items can stack their effects. Two Guardian Angels will revive 
  your unit twice per combat round!
* If you lose a game, check out the team compositions of the top few 
  players. You might find a new strategy to use for next time.
* You can intentionally take some damage to give yourself a better 
  chance at a good champion or item in the next Shared Draft phase.

How do I Combine Items?:
First things first, to combine two items youíll need to have already equipped 
one to your chosen champion. Then all you have to do is click and drag the 
other item over them. Quite handily, when you pull an item over your champion, 
youíll get a small window telling you what you are about to forge.

If youíre happy with it, press ahead. Word to the wise, though, once you 
combine two items, thereís no going back. So craft carefully.

Item Duplication Bug/Glitch:
Class specific items that are created using the spatula can be easily duplicated 
in TFT by dragging the item to a champion of the same class (Demon to Demon for 
example) and if done correctly, will duplicate the item. By dragging and 
releasing the item to the respective champion, catching the item in mid air 
shortly after, and repeating the process, you can get the item duplicated if 
done fast enough. Youíll know if the item is duplicated if either another one 
is sent to your item bench or if you notice your cursor looks like it is 
holding an item without there visually being an item in which you can click 
the champion and a duplicate will go to your item bench. The frequency of the 
bug varies on how fast you can do the first and second step; if you donít know
what youíre doing, you can expect it to succeed around 5-10% of the time and 
if you know what youíre doing, it goes up to around 50-75%.
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