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Suzerain Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Guide to Edit Save Files:
Written by The Mogician

Ever just want to be a super rich guy that rule a wealthy nation? 
Look no further, your salvation is here. Warning: This may take 
away part of the fun from this game. You have been warned.

Location of the savegame:

C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\LocalLow\TorporGames\Suzerain\Suzerain

You also need a text editor, preferably Notepad++ or Ultraedit, 
but Windows Notepad would work.

Before getting to work, you should always make a backup of your save file i
n case you mess up and the file cannot be loaded properly.

Ctrl+F and look for this:


The government budget available to you will be right behind this phrase. 
Change it to whatever you like.

-=Personal Wealth=-
Similar to how budget is handled but look for this phrase instead:


Change to your heart's desire.

There are a lot of other factors in the game you can change, such as the 
economy and the various factors you gain throughout the game. Do be 
careful when you change those though, as you may potentially screw up 
game progress. Like I say, always make backup files.

Modernizing Your Army:
Written By Natala

This is the step by step way on modernizing your army

1.Increase the military funding (1 budget)
This should appear on the budget meeting with all of your ministers

2. Modernize Army
After the budget increase, you will be presented on how to spend the given budget. 
Go with Iosef idea and modernize the military

3.Removing Conscription
After the diplomatic meeting with Agnolia and Wehlen, Iosef will give you a proposal 
to abolish conscription, seeing that he wanted to make the army as professional as 
possible. Agree to abolish conscription. Iosef will also asks you on which branch to 
modernize. Personally, I suggests modernizing Army for better equipped soldier, but 
airforce should also do. I wouldn’t suggests Navy, simply because the war later is 
mostly on ground.

4.Keeping Gendarmerie
Later, there will a debate between two of your minister regarding the Gendarmeria, 
AKA the Military Police. There will be choice to keep it on military command, or to 
transfer it to police. Keep it on military.

5.Military Industry (2 budget if you fund military, otherwise 3)
Finally, there should be a prompt to do military industry expansion after the meeting 
regarding your popularity. Pick that, and your task of modernizing is complete.

If you follow all the steps, I will call the military at the best state. With this, 
you can win with at least one ally, whoever it is.

If you skip the 5th steps, I will call the military at the good state. Not the best, 
but should be strong enough to win with two ally.

If you didn’t increase the funding, Iosef will then asks you to relinquish half of 
the army to buy better equipment. Do that, and I will call this okay state. If you 
have strong allies, you can still win, but you will need to be careful.

Economic advice: Remember that too much debt crashes your economy.
Keep it -2 early game and -3 end game for good measure.
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