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Super Robot Wars V Cheats

Super Robot Wars V

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Stats Explained and Misc:
Written by Dio

What does the stats actually do in this or roughly at least.

-=Pilot Stats=-
CQB = Close Quarter Battle, increases the damage done by Attacks with Fists Icon.
RNG = Increases damage done by ranged weapons 
      (other than fists if you get what I mean).
DEF = The higher the value the less damage you take if you got hit.
EVA = Increases Evasion chance.
HIT = Increases Accuracy or Hit chance.
SKL = People said it increases crit chance? 
      Not sure though but need for some kills such as Second Attack.

Air / Water / Ground / Space Adaptibility = Increases evasion rate if you a
re on that terrain.

SP = Used for Spirit.
Focus = Used to enable certain attack, Also increases damage done to enemy. 
Basically, the higher your Focus the higher the damage, Normal.

Max limit is 150 but can be increased with Skills and Parts.

Shown as 100/150 (Current Focus/Max Focus).

-=Mech Stats=-
HP = Do I really need to explain what HP is?
EN = Every boxes you move costs 1 EN, it is also used for some attacks.
Sight = Accuracy.
Mobi = Evasion rate.
Move = How far you can move.

-=Battle Misc=-
Sometimes during Your turn you'll see Plc/5 or Plc/10 on enemy. 
Basically it means Placement:

Plc/5 = Increases damage done to enemy by 5% when surrounded by 3 of your allies.
Plc/10 = Increases damage done to enemy by 10% when surrounded by 4 of your allies.
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