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Succubus Affection Cheats

Succubus Affection

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by Slime.

Forming pacts with as many monster girls as possible is important for making 
yourself stronger. You gain stats every time this is done, and forming pacts 
with enough of one species of monster girl will give you access to a new skill.

Skills can be leveled up using skill points at Leannya's shop, which are 
earned from forming bonds with monster girls. Each time you level up your 
bond with one, you get one skill point. This means you can gain 3 skill points 
from a monster girl each day.

You can also eat food to grow stronger at Leannya's shop. Foods increase your 
stats permanently or temporarily, depending on the food. This, coupled with
 the stats you gain from pacts, is extremely important for strengthening

Crops regrow every time you sleep when the sleep meter has reached 100. 
This also refreshes monster girls so you can level up their bonds and get 
more skill points. You can only gain a maximum of 3 bond levels with a girl 
each day. It's important to sleep when you feel like it.

You can quickly travel between safe areas by holding up.

Changing the difficulty has no unique rewards, but it is challenging and 
fun to try against bosses.

It takes more experience to level up a bond with a monster girl at every 
level, up to a maximum of 60xp, which is a lot of waiting. Sex skill with 
a monster girl species levels up slower each time you start sex with them 
after having already leveled it up and stopped sex, so it may be beneficial 
to have sex for a long time the first time, to make it easier to level your 
bonds up later on. It can be noted that it's possible to use speed hack 
function in CheatEngine to speed up the process, but this is up to you.

I would strongly recommend changing your default key bindings in the 
options. The default key for the menu is "C" and you can move between tabs 
with the left and right keys. You can also view a manual of all the 
controls here. Be careful when changing key bindings, because some keys 
are bound to specific program functions, such as the "V" key being bound 
to screenshots. As far as I'm aware, these specific key bindings can't 
be changed normally.

There are lots of secrets to be found that reward you with rare materials 
and items. It's important to find these early on, if possible. I might 
make a guide on how to find all the secrets another time, but I'm too 
lazy to do it now.
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