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Streets of Rage 4 Cheats

Streets of Rage 4

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Join Friends and Fix Launch Game:
The simplest way is that your friend invite you. Once one the character selection screen, 
he can invite you by creating a private lobby. Then, use Steam interface (shift+tab, right
click on the person you want to invite, and click on "invite a friend to play").

-=How to Fix Launch Game?=-
Make sure to close Steam. Follow this steps to disable the Compatibility Mode:

* Browse to your Steam installation (Usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam)
* Right click on Steam.exe (or bin\steamwebhelper.exe), choose Properties
* Click on the Compatibility tab
* Uncheck any boxes that are checked, and click Apply
* Then, click the "Show settings for all users" button
* Again, make sure none of these boxes are checked, and click Ok
* Click Ok to close any open dialog boxes.
* Double click on Steam.exe to launch Steam.
* Re-test the issue.

Once this mode is disabled, you can launch the game. Enjoy it!

How to Enable Retro Pixels and Original Soundtrack:
Written by Rattman

-=Back in Retro: Graphics=-
* Go to Options.
* Video.
* Advanced options.
* Set Post Effect as either Retro.
* or Retro-CRT

-=Back in Retro: Sound=-
* Go to Options.
* Audio.
* Enable Retro Soundtrack.

Essential Tips:
Written by Mr. Whitehead

These 5 tips will help you become a better player and survive some of the tougher encounters 
this game has to offer. Also, I will assume you're using an Xbox controller.

-=Five Tips for All Players=-
Tip #1 While Standing Still, Press "Y" To Do A Defensive Special

SOR4 does not have a block button, but the defensive special does have invincibility frames 
to help you avoid attacks. Use it wisely as the developers made sure you can't spam this by 
taking a portion of your health upon using it. This is where you're health bar is going to 
turn green. You have a chance to get your health back by attacking the enemy, but if you get 
hit before you can recover your health, you lose it.

Tip #2 Use Weapons

Yes yes, I know, you want to pull off those crazy combos with your fist, but it's smart to 
use as many weapons as you can as it provides more range. Pipes and bats not only have good 
medium range, but can also send foes flying. Some stages have pitfalls, so if you see a pipe 
or a bat, you can easily knock them into pitfalls.

On certain stages, you're going to encounter higher quality weapons such as katanas and other 
cool looking blades. These do a lot of damage and can help with crowd control when enemies 
become too much.

Also, master the art of throwing and catching. When you throw a weapon at an enemy, the 
weapon will bounce off and comeback allowing you to catch it and throw it a second, third, 
or forth time. This is useful when you want to keep your distance from certain enemies that 
are dangerous up close.

Tip #3 Pick Up the Money 

...and food even if you're at full health!

This tip is more useful when playing arcade because you don't get your lives back after 
starting a new stage like in the story, but it doesn't hurt to make it a habit. When you 
get enough points, you will get an extra life. Pick up all the money you can as it will 
help contribute to your points. If your partner needs the food to recover then give it to 
him/her, but do pick up food as well as it also gives you points. Hitting enemies also 
gives you points, but stops once they're dead so overkill isn't necessary.

Tip #4 Do Not Leave Your Partner Behind

Do not run off ahead and leave your partner behind. Your buddy is going to have a hard time 
dealing with enemies off screen because the enemies can still see him/her and they do still 
attack. Don't play tug-o-war with the camera. Make sure you guys are close and you can see 
all the enemies on the screen so there won't be any unnecessary surprise attacks that 
could've been avoided.

Tip #5 Stun Locking and the Basic Combo

When you hit an enemy, you'll notice the enemy is stunned for a couple of seconds. If you 
hit him again just before he recovers, it'll reset that stun animation. You can do this 
about 4 times and on the 5th one, they'll fall to the floor. Stun Locking is a great combo 
starter as you can get a good 2-4 hits in before doing your combo which provides extra 
damage that is helpful on enemies with more health.

Assuming you have an Xbox controller

"X, X, X, --> --> X" is a basic combo that can handle most situations.

...but if you add the stun locking to it...

"X(stun), X(stun), X(stun), X, X, X, --> --> X, Y+B" 
You can get even more hits off and deal more damage.


"XX(stun), XX(stun), XX(stun), X, X, --> --> X, Y+B" 
You double tap X and still maintain the stun on the enemy.

On bosses, try to combo off your partners combos together to continue the chain 
especially when you have the boss on the wall.

Secret retro levels:
To enter a hidden retro level, use a taser weapon on the indicated arcade machine in the 
listed stage. The taser can be obtained from cops, or found on the ground, nearby the 
arcade machine. If you do not see a taser, smash all the crates and other item containers
nearby until you find one.

Stage 2: In the prison, past the guards with tasers, is an open doorway in the background 
         with the arcade machine.

Stage 4: Look for an entrance door on the docks, and go left to find the arcade machine in           
         a small room.

Stage 5: The arcade machine is in the bar, after exiting the sewers.

Stage 8: After leaving the Art Exhibit, you will enter a back room with a taser on the ground. 
         Use it on the nearby arcade machine.
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