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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Cheats

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Where to get the double-bladed Lightsaber:
* Once youíve found Eno Cordovaís recordings on Bogano, you will unlock two 
  destinations on the Mantisí holotable: Zeffo and Dathomir.

* Star Wars obsessives might recognise the inhospitable red planet of Dathomir 
  as the home world of one of the seriesí most memorable villains Ė Darth Maul.

* Since you have no current objective on Dathomir, itís easy to plough on with 
  the rest of the story and forget about it. But going there straight away means 
  you can play with the double-bladed Lightsaber for more of the game.

* Itís designed for crowd-control, so although its attacks are weaker than your 
  regular lightsaber, the double-bladed variant comes in handy when youíre dropped 
  into large groups of enemies.

* To find the double-bladed Lightsaber, touch down on Dathomir and jump from the 
  landing pad to the main island Ė the Strangled Cliffs.

* Explore the area and youíll be able to climb up to another level, which leads 
  to the Upper Strangled Cliffs.

* After this youíre in the Brotherís Bastion, which is where you want to be.

* From the save point, go up the hill and take out the enemies, then turn right 
  and follow the path around until you go inside.

* FIght through this chamber, then go up the stairs on the other side. In the next 
  room you need to follow the path left, then left again.

* Deflect the archerís bolts back at them, then climb up to where they were and 
  continue around the path. You should now be overlooking a lower area with a 
  giant spider. Jump down and clear out the enemies, then head out of the door
  to the left.

* On your left thereís a shortcut door that leads back to the save point, but 
  in front of you is a large temple and a gap you can jump across.

* Instead of jumping up towards the temple, go down the slope and turn left. At 
  the bottom of here you will find a worktable with the parts you need to craft 
  a double-bladed Lightsaber.

How to Skip Intro:
Written by Szaby59

Start the game slightly faster by skipping the intro movies.

1.Go to your game files, for example:
  E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Jedi Fallen Order

  SwGame -> Content -> Movies

3.Rename the two mp4 files (Default_Startup and Default_Startup_Loop) - 
  the new name can be anything, it doesn't matter - or move them to a backup 
  folder, from where you can restore them if needed.

4. Done.

How to Change the Difficulty:
While the normal difficulty is doable, any higher and most of the enemies youíll 
face will be a real challenge. If youíre in the mood for a swashbuckling adventure 
more like Star Wars games of the past, then try out Story Mode, which lowers the 
incoming damage of enemy attacks, makes them less aggressive, and removes fall 
damage from the picture completely.

You can change the difficulty at any time from the pause menu Ė and that means any 
time. There isnít a penalty; which effectively gives you the ability to ďskipĒ 
sections youíre having trouble with by lowering the difficulty then boosting it 
back up.

Where do I find my savegames?:
Savegames can be found here:
C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\Respawn\JediFallenOrder\

(You need to replace USERNAME by your actual user name in Windows)

Hacking Security Droids:
On Kashyyk (third planet), after the Security Droid boss, you will free the Wookies 
from their prison. On the exterior walkway outside the prison block, look to the right
to see a locked door and hanging rope. Jump to the rope and swing to the second rope, 
leading to a raised alcove and upgrade station. Use it to upgrade BD-1 with a hacking 
module, allowing you to take over damaged Security Droids. After doing enough damage 
to Security Droids, a prompt will appear allowing you to take control of them. This 
upgrade is easy to miss during your first visit to Kashyyk. It is not required, but 
it does make future encounters against large numbers of enemies much easier. 
Security Droids are common on Imperial Bases, and you will sometimes have to deal 
with waves of enemies from landing craft. Security Droids are also an easy way to 
distract enemies.

How to get EA origin:
Written by Feels on Wheels

This will tell you how to get around the requirement of installing EA origin in a way
that lets you use the original desktop shortcut. there are 2 ways; first way being if
jedi fallen order is installed on your C: drive, the second way being if jedi fallen 
order is installed on any other drive (for example the D: drive, for me its the E: 
drive). Also ???? EA

-=The First Way=-
1.Right click Jedi Fallen Order in your steam library and click properties.
C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Jedi Fallen Order\SwGame\Binaries\Win64\
SwGame-Win64-Shipping.exe %command%
into launch options.
3.Navigate to C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Jedi Fallen Order\__Installer\Origin\redist\internal 
  and delete "OriginThinSetup.exe".
4. enjoy.
-=The Second way.=-
if Jedi Fallen Order isnt installed on your C: drive do this.
1.right click jedi fallen order in your steam library and click properties.
2. type
__:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Jedi Fallen Order\SwGame\Binaries\Win64\
SwGame-Win64-Shipping.exe %command%
into launch options with the underscore being which ever drive its installed on (D:, E:, F:. etc).
3 Navigate to "__:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Jedi Fallen Order\__Installer\Origin\redist\internal"
(where ever Jedi Fallen order is installed on your other drives) and delete "OriginThinSetup.exe".

Order 66 message:
At the beginning of the game, while you are walking through the train cars trying to follow 
Prauf, you will come across a closed door that you cannot open, despite there being a way to
interact it via a button that is intended to "open" the door. You would normally have to turn
around to continue, but if you press the button 66 times, you will hear Darth Sidious saying 
"Execute Order 66", like in the teaser trailer.

Trilla: How to Beat Her:
You must unlock every Lightsaber attack before going on to the boss fight. Make sure to also 
unlock all of the Force abilities that have healing capabilities. Trilla is considerably easier
to defeat than Taron Malicos boss. On the planet Zeffo, youíll meet her for the first time. 
Although the boss battle is only a brief one right now, she will eventually appear in all of 
her glory. As you advance through Chapter 6, The Fortress Inquisitorius, you will face Trilla.

The battle against the Trilla boss comprises two stages. So, in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, 
here are several strategies for getting rid of Trilla:

-=Stage 1=-
* You can attack her by freezing time with the Force Slow power. You can also use the Delay 
  Thrust assault as an alternative.
* Unlike to other bosses, keeping a distance from Trilla is usually unsuccessful. She can zap 
  or teleport your way to close this distance, which is why.
* She can zap right next to you, therefore you must maintain your shields up the entire time 
  you are fighting the boss.
* In order to reduce her stamina, you must continue to block her attacks and movements.
* Close the distance and hit her when you see the stamina bar dry to deal more damage. She 
  becomes more exposed when her stamina runs out, however she can also use several unblockable 
* If she glows red, stay out of the way; her stamina meter is zero. She could grasp Cal and 
  throw him to the ground while taking a swing if you donít block this move.
* She can harm enough people with her lunge and slam attack. Get away from her unblockable #
  attacks as quickly as possible.
* The lunge and stab strike is an additional unblockable move. Even though you must always be 
  vigilant, make an effort to hit her and inflict damage.
* A Probe Droid will spawn after her health meter is almost all depleted. Trilla Suduri is 
  still within reach, so this might be troublesome.
* But you may shoot it at Trilla with the Force Pull. We advise focusing solely on Trilla and 
  dodging or parrying the Droidís projectiles.
* Trilla can also strike you with her lightsaber, which could result in a serious attack.
* In order to avoid or evade this attack, you must exercise more patience. Donít attempt to 
  avoid her lightsaber assaults until she starts to move.

-=Stage 2=-
The second stage of the Trilla boss battle will begin once you have depleted half of her 
health bar. The majority of her attacks are unblockable and have a high damage potential 
if you donít move to avoid them.

* You should keep parrying and dodging her blows to avoid such attacks. As we near the end, 
  attempt to make better use of the STIMS.
* She can link these attacks together and throw lightsaber combinations at you during this 
* The good news is that you can deflect these attacks. But the number of times she can throw 
  it is unpredictable. Be cautious and wary when she uses her lightsaber.
* She also throws a lightsaber that orbits the area as part of her lightsaber antics. 
  Although itís a really good maneuver, we advise cutting the distance and pursuing her 
  from the front.
* Additionally, she will launch a ground smash move that causes AoE damage. You can jump 
  over the shockwave as soon as it starts to spread out in order to minimize damage.
* If she uses close range assaults, be on your watch. You can keep your distance from her  
  in order to defend against this attack.
* She can hurt you with her flash grenades as you go, though. Try to roll sideways to 
  counterattack because this can temporarily blind you.
* She can zap across the space to close the gap, just like in the first phase. Therefore, 
  continue to use the force push and force pull.

A cutscene will start if her health is completely gone. What follows is what? Weíll let 
you find it out for yourself, we swear (Darth Vader breathing intensifies).
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