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Starcom: Nexus Cheats

Starcom: Nexus

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

To bring up the developer console, press ~ and “l” at the same time. 
(That’s a lower case L).

Remove all researchable tech from player and return RP. 
Useful for trying out different research builds with the same level of tech.

Change the difficulty of a game already in progress where x is a number > 0. 
The default is 1 and the named difficulties at start are powers of 2: 
0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 4, etc…

Give(commodity, amount)
Give the player an amount of a commodity. E.g., Give(“GOLD”,50)

Take(commodity, amount)
The reverse of that.

List possible commodities along with their enum code

-=Essentially you want=-
Give(“all other resource names”,20000)

Basic Trade Guide:
Written by EyeSeeEm

This guide contains some simple trading rules, that will keep gaining resources.

You can keep using the trade cycle described in the first part, to simply increase 
your trading capital of reserve currencies directly.

You can use the second part trades to gain secondary resources, that can be traded 
back to reserve currencies of another race.

-=Direct Trade in Reserve Currencies (Basics)=-
Keep making the following trades, to come away with huge gains in each race's 
reserve currency:

Citadel - Buy Platinum and Gold.
Vanderi - Buy Platinum and Gold.
Ulooquo - Buy Titanium and Cobalt.
Saurid  - Buy Cobalt.

-=Secondary Trades (More Cash Cows)=-
Make the following additional trades in secondary resources, to end up earning 
even more reserve currency of the Vanderi and Ulooquo.

Citadel - Buy Chiralite.
Vanderi - Sell Chiralite.
Ulooquo - Buy Chiralite, Sell Yttrium.
Saurid  - Buy Yttrium.
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