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Star Wars Battlefront II Cheats

Star Wars Battlefront II

Cheat Codes (2017):
Submitted by: David K.

Don’t be afraid to shoot from the hip:
A general game tip here. In most shooters it is advisable to aim down 
the sights with a squeeze of the left trigger in all but the most 
desperate of situations. You get more accuracy and a tighter aim.

But perhaps in tribute to the original trilogy’s trigger-happy 
Stormtroopers, shooting from the hip is a highly viable tactic in 
Battlefront 2. While aiming down the sights will give you tighter 
control, the pace of the skirmishes mean that movement is essential 
while a generous and trustworthy aiming reticule means that you 
can blast a few headshots in quick order.

Be Best On Controls:
Try to practice a lot to learn the control effectively, if you are 
having really fast hands on the control that means you will be really
quick in taking actions. Understand the ship controls well, for 
example looking behind for finding out who is chasing you, dodging 
the incoming attacks by flying left or right, etc. You can block 
missile attacks towards you by flying toward the debris in space.
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