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Star Valor Cheats

Star Valor

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Simple Guide for Farming:
Written by Luxaly

I wirte this Guide here to Help u guys Farm stuff for your equippment or for 
selling to get money for bigger ships ;)

One of they Easyiest ways to gain things for your ships or stuff to sell is 
by Scavanging ship wrecks ;) this can give u all stuf in all raritys ;) and 
then u can sell them^^ this also gives alot of energy cells and metal ;) i 
had moments where i need something and it was inside a wreck ;) like a shield 
charger cause my shield was loading very slow as a beginner or a new better 
weapon etc ;) be sure to spend points in engineering ;)

I dont know much about Trading but u need a Trading computer^^ this will show 
u the average price on station u visited. So lets say the avg. Is 100 and u 
find a station where it is sold for 50 this would be a good margin.

At the Beginning mining is very slow and it takes ur energy fast^^ once ur 
in the game u will need a better laser (it takes long to mine) i suggest to 
sell all goods u mine if u dont need the crystals^^ metal fills the cargo 
very fast so for a big mining tour i suggest if no station is close to destory 
the metal and go for chrystals maybe and put points in mining so u get extra 
stuff other wise its not usefull.

-=Fighting aka Marauder Outposts=-
This is very hard in the beginning cause oveaheating and less energy ;) I 
suggest doing Scavenging until u got a Claymore with 4 Rapid Heavy Lasers (red 
ones) on the turrets (it makes it easy to hit targets) when ur lucky u get a 
Ultra Beam Laser that has like 400 DPS and then u are very very strong. 
This is the setup i use now.

Mining Laser and Ultra Laser on the very front 1 Rocket launcher on each 
side on the front the red lasers on the turrets and the healing laser on the 
front turret ) with this build and power distribution i can warp 7.5 parsecs 
boost endless and shoot endless and to make the enemy die in a fraction of 
time use ur tractor beam on them rendering them sitting ducks.
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