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Spelunky 2 Cheats

Spelunky 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Safe and easy stealing from shopkeepers:
To easily kill shopkeepers, simply use rope. Before attacking a shopkeeper, look 
and see if they have any explosive objects. Shotguns, certain weapons, and bomb 
bags will explode when shot (be careful). When ready, walk up and stand directly
on a shopkeeper. Launch a rope in his tiny cubby hole for him to be ejected out 
of the shop without his shotgun. Grab it and shoot the shopkeeper. Sometimes, 
shopkeepers will drop keys —- this only happens if there is a locked room beneath
the shop. Throw the key away if it drops and grab the shotgun instead. Shopkeepers
are quick, even without weapons. If there are bombs or other explosives in the 
shop, leave or walk past them before shooting the shotgun and killing the 

Note: Killing a shopkeeper will mark you as an enemy for the rest of the game. 
You will get a great weapon early, but more shopkeepers will hunt you on each 
level. Any shopkeepers that spawn will patrol their shops with weapons drawn, 
and they do not spawn additional items. The level exits will also be guarded by
one or two shopkeepers. Thus, this is a high risk, high reward option. 
If there are multiple useful items that will make the rest of your run easy, try 
going for it. You can also use the shotgun to kill future shopkeepers in later 
areas, or use the money to unlock shortcuts.

There are three shortcuts that can be unlocked at different points in the game. 
The first shortcut is located under the Quillback boss in Level 1-4. Starting 
from the shortcut will give you access to either of the two (left or right) 
paths. Exiting Level 1-4 will lead to an encounter with Terra. 
Fulfill her three requests to unlock a shortcut. Go left of the main door to 
find the shortcut paths once they are unlocked.

Shortcut 1: Start at the bottom of the final Dwelling, Level 1-4.
Request 1: 2,000 Gold
Request 2: 1 Bomb
Request 3: 10,000 Gold

Shortcut 2: Start at the bottom of Olmec's Lair, Level 3-1.
Request 1: 1 Rope
Request 2: Any weapon — Shotguns, Bowguns, Machetes. 
           Boomerangs are the easiest to find in the Jungle.
Request 3: Any mount — Turkeys from the Dwelling or the Diamond Dogs in Volcana count. 

Shortcut 3: Start that the bottom of the final Tide Pool, Level 4-4.
Request 1: 50,000 Gold
Request 2: Hired Hand — You can always get a Hired Hand where bonus characters spawn.
Request 3: Gold Key — Special Key that spawns in the Dwelling, Level 1-2 or 1-3. 
           You must bring it all the way down.

For completing one shortcut, you will get the "Mama's Little Helper" achievement. 
For completing two shortcuts, you will get the "Mama's Big Helper" achievement.

Useful Multiplayer Tips:
Written by Trev-9000

This guide is designed to help better coordinate your teams (specifically when 
playing with random players and having little ways of communicating).

-=Sharing Resources=-
* It can be tempting to take as many items as you can for yourself but this method of 
playing is quite unfair on everyone else and can actually be unhelpful in the long 
run. You should check to see how many items your team have on the HUD before picking 
up bombs, ropes or items. If you have say 4 bombs and another player had 1, its 
better to let them have the item.

* Crates can be picked up before being opened, so consider picking it up and sharing 
it with a teammate you think might be struggling or who needs the item more.

* This goes for Altar sacrifices as well. If you have the Kapala and put enough bodies 
on it to get some Royal Jelly, consider giving it to another team mate as you'll 
already have access to near infinite health. If they are stuck below you, you could 
consider using ropes to help them get back up to an Altar/ Shop.

* Another thing to consider is any back item (Jetpack, Cape, Powerpack) you already 
have on your back can be dropped and given to another player by holding down and 
pressing the left bumper on controllers. Again, you might be more experienced than 
another player and giving them these items is sure to make their lives easier, 
especially if they have died and have no items when they come back.

* If you come across 2 of the same back item, you can actually carry one on your back 
and carry the other in your hands. Use this to your advantage and bring the spare one 
to your teammate!

* When using the Key to get the Udjat Eye, consider how many bombs you have. Another 
player might have more and it would probably be more sensible for them to take this 
item, as if you go to the Jungle they will know the exact location of the Black Market. 
Sticky paste is also best to be given to the player with the Udjat Eye.

* You can help other players reach the location of the Chest by using some of your 
ropes and bombs to give them access to this area. Chances are, they may not have 
enough resources to reach it as all resources are shared between the entire party.

* Same goes for the Ankh. The player that has this item will need all the help they 
can get surviving the levels to come if you want any chance of reaching the secret 
areas. Consider giving them Royal Jelly or the Kapala, if they die this item will 
be lost forever and cannot be claimed by another player! Check how much health you 
have before picking up this item, perhaps another player would be better suited to 
carry it.

* For Tun's Moon Challenge, it is a very good idea to have one player buy entry and 
go dig up items and gold whilst the rest of the team clears the level and waits for 
them to finish. You will receive a clover for this challenge so you should have 
plenty of time to clear the entire level. Remember, the player with the least 
resources is gonna be the best candidate to complete this challenge so they can 
get more items!

* For the second challenge, you will want all members of your team to attempt this 
if possible. As you can all pick up torches and light the fires to win the prize!

* When another player is poisoned, try to find a Pet and get them out of the level 
as quickly as you can. Alternatively, if there is an Altar, you can stockpile 
bodies next to the Altar and get the player that is cursed/ poisoned to put them 
on the Altar themselves. This is because cures from Kali will only effect the 
person that makes the sacrifices.

Spoilers ahead for getting to a secret level

If you have made it to the Golden City and have the Ankh, and a back item, always 
give the back item to your teammate before sacrificing yourself on the Altar. 
When you make it to the next level, your teammate will still have this item!

-=Reaching Higher Areas=-
* I think most people know these tips, but you can pick up players and jump to 
reach higher areas. As you jump, the other player can jump as well and should be 
able to reach very high areas.
Consider sharing Turkeys by riding one, jumping up to a high spot and then 
dropping the Turkey back down so the next player can use it to get up.

* A player with a Jetpack, Spring Boots or Climbing Gloves can pick up a player 
and use these items to help them reach areas they wouldn't be able to jump to 

-=Consider Other Player's Play Styles=-
* I think this might just be a me thing, but please try to be considerate of 
other player's play styles! My play style is definitely explore everything 
before moving on so when another play makes a b-line for the exit and immediately 
ends the level, it can be very frustrating. Often in this situation, the player 
that took the exit too quickly is only making the game harder for themselves as 
I'll often have a crate to give them, a Pet or a Cursed Jar. When they've reached 
the next level, there could be a shop and a lot of the time the money that could 
have been made in the previous level would have been enough to purchase specific 

* On the topic of Shopkeepers… Please consider your teammates before killing a 
shopkeeper! Although it is easier to deal with the Shopkeepers with more players, 
some players may find it more difficult and I usually find that if each player 
is exploring the levels properly there will always be enough money to buy almost 
all items in a shop without upsetting the Shopkeeper.

* Having up to 4 guns blasting off all over the place is a sure way to get your 
teammates killed, so if you do decide to take on NPCs with a weapon always 
consider the positions of your teammates.

* Deciding if a player wants to take on a shopkeeper or not can be difficult 
if there is no voice chat. Try waiting for another player before taking out the 
shopkeeper and see what they do. They might end up buying the items instead. 
I also find ducking on the spot of an item is a good way to indicate to another 
player that you want them to buy a specific item.
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