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Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator Cheats

Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks:
Written by Felix-sishou

Ever wanted to take advantage of the stock market like a pro? 
Nowís your chance! With a few quick tips like these you should 
be on your way to riches in no time!

-=The Basics=-
At the end of each day, the price of the stock for each organ will have 
either risen, fell, or on some occasions remained the same. Each organ 
has a relative ďmarket capĒ which will tell you how valuable each organ
is, for example excormex remains will almost always stay below 6 credits
whereas hearts can reach about 1,500 or more.

Additionally, organ stock graphs roughly correlates to the possible 
prices of the organs you sell to your clients, so keep that in mind.

Quick note: while you can use the arrows to scroll through the different 
stocks, your mouse scroll wheel will work as well for a more streamlined 

-=Tips & Tricks=-
Now that you know what the stock market is, itís time to learn how to 
make BIG BUCKS off of it!

Hereís a series of tips to get you started:

* If you donít have a lot of spare cash to burn or just want to practice 
  before playing the big leagues, buy cheaper stocks (particularly heart 
  and/or kidney stocks) to start out!
* You want to buy low, sell high. This goes for any stocks youíre 
  interested in.
* Once youíve got the money, target valuable stocks that have a high 
  market cap and have a history of recovering from low prices such as 
* If youíre not sure about how good a stock is, just buy one or two and 
  watch the market trends for a bit. There should be a price change 
  percent from when you last bought the stock in the lower right-hand 
* If you see that a stock hasnít grown in a while from when you last 
  bought it, cut your losses and sell it when itís at the lowest loss.
  Money that isnít growing is useless!
* When a valuable organís prices dip below half, thatís the best time 
  to buy! Buy in bulk and enjoy your profit within a few days.
* Occasionally you will get notifications from a group stating that 
  they will flood the market with a certain organ within a few days- 
  this means that the price of the stock for that specified organ will
  go down along with the actual organ prices (this also floods the 
  store while trading and keeps it from refreshing until enough slots
  are emptied). You can take advantage of this!
* Thatís all, junior stock broker! Now get out there and get RICH!
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