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Soulcalibur VI Cheats

Soulcalibur VI

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How Do I Use The Fighting Meter?:
Meter is built up throw the match by landing strikes and sucessfully winning 
Reversal Edges. You can use meter but hitting A+B+K to use a critical edge. 
or 4A+B+K to use Soul Charge. both functions will consume bar.

Special characters like Geralt and Yoshimitsu can also use half a bar with 
certain moves to make them stronger.

What is Soul Charge?:
Soul Charge allows you to spend one bar of meter to enter a powered up state. 
Your character’s move list will is larger and existing moves will gain unique 
features that are usually enchanced in some way. Soul charge also gives chip 
damage to your opponent if they hold block, allowing you to damage them lightly 
if they are playing too defensive. Soul Charge can be used defensively as well, 
since they push the opponent away from you when you activate them. However, 
keep in mind that time is of the essence because Soul Charges have a timer. 
Soul Charges are very good for making big comebacks compared to Critical Edge 
because of the amount of damage you can dish out from good play It also stops 
the round clock, so hope is not lost if you don’t have the life lead on a nail 
biter! To enter Soul Charge press 4A+B+K (back and ALL attack buttons) when
you have one bar of meter.

How to Disable DoF (Background Blur), CA and Grain:
This guide will show you how to disable the depth of field effect (background
blur), CA and Grain.

* Navigate to 
* Open up the "Scalability.ini" with any text editor.
* Add the following lines to the file and save it.

Earning Soul Points:
SP (Soul Points) are associated with your Online ID account and shared across 
all modes. 
You earn the indicated amount of SP for completing the corresponding task:

50 SP – Win an online ranked match.

50/100/150/200 SP – Successfully complete Arcade mode. 
Depending on your completion time and difficulty, you can earn up to 200 SP for 
completing Arcade mode.

100 SP – Trade 5,000 gold for 100 SP in "Mission: Libra Of Soul" mode. 
Trade SP at the Currency Exchange in Dhaka.

200 SP – Successfully complete character stories. The SP is rewarded for each 
character story completion. Note: Hidden records are unlocked by completing 
missions in "Mission: Libra Of Soul" mode.

2,000 SP – Successfully complete "Story: Soul Chronicle" mode. 
The SP is only rewarded once.

A good and straightforward way to earn a lot of SP is to complete Mission mode, 
and exchange your extra gold for SP when you have reached the end. Then, 
complete Story mode and all character stories. Next, begin playing Arcade or 
Online mode to get the rest.
At this point, Normal Arcade mode should be very easy.

Play as Inferno:
Successfully complete Soul Chronicles: Main Story to unlock Inferno in local play, 
but not online games.
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