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Soda Dungeon Cheats

Soda Dungeon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The Hidden Achievment:
Written by GOTT

This is an easter egg. Have your kitchen level at 6-7. I have mine at 10 but 
I can still get them. Go to options > Auto Equip to Never. Keep refreshing 
the tavern and you might see soda junkies. Click on them and look at the name.
If it says Dinner Boy. Recruit it. You can Unequip the Bib and Fork. 

Dinner Boy is the same as Soda Junkie and this is useful in starting levels 
and farming. 

Take note that the tables that have food on them and theres a soda junkie. 
Its probably a Dinner Boy.

How to Get Loot & Money Quick:
Written by BurritoBoi

This guide will help you with grinding throughout the game.

-=First 500 Levels=-
You need 3 Theives 2 Healers, it dosen't matter what armor you put on them, as 
long as it's good or if it gives you better items/gold. When/if you check your 
computer, try to stop auto on a boss and steal from them. This will get you gold 
faster, something that everyone wants in Soda Dungeon. Every time you get a lot 
of money either save it up or spend it on essence. So you can get more money either 
way, because of liquid gold and you go further into the dungeon.

-=501 - 1000=-
This calls for 1 Darkmage, 1 Knight, 1 Theif, and 2 Healers in that order. The 
Darkmage is for damage, the Knight defends your allies and makes it so you can't 
get trapped, the Theif is there for the extra essence/gold (It also opens all 
chests), and the Healers are of couse there to heal.

Extreme times call for extreme measures. So, you need Shifters. You get these with 
Void Cola, the last thing in the VIP section. I explain what they do in a different 

If you want to progress, always have your top of the line equipment.

-=Merchants and Demon Horns=-
I never use them because they are only useful in very very specific situations. 
What's better? Noxin that does really good damage and can poison/confuse, and 
Necroblast wich does massive damgae all of the time. Or 50/50 and Affluence that 
both use money and are worse versions than Noxin, and Necroblast. And with Demon 
Horns, blue slime is better than them and that is just sad because it is way 
easier to get than Demon Horns. They don't lower your attack/health, but they 
don't lower any stats, wich could be the difference between life and death.

These (like the soda discription hints) are kind of like all of the patrons put 
together. Because you can have two af a normal patrons abilities simontainiously. 
Shifters have relics for each patron, and that relic level goes up every time you 
do stuff with that specific patron. For example: If you grinded with a Healer, the 
Healer relic will go up. Once a relic reaches a certian level can get the abilities 
of that patron.
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