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S.M.B Crossover Cheats

S.M.B Crossover

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Extra Modes and Features:
You can unlock the options indicated below by performing the corresponding tasks.

Infinite Time     - Clear the first level.
Extra Checkpoints - Clear the first Bowser level.
Level Select      - Clear both SMBC/SMBCS.
Brick Ground      - Clear SMBC.
Hamer Bros. Mode  - Clear SMBCS.

Warp to Worlds 6,7, and 8:
Enter level 4-2 and proceed to the right until you come to the first set of 
descending platforms. Just to the right, you will notice some blocks floating
in the air. Jump around below them and you'll reveal hidden blocks that you 
can climb to reach the overhead blocks. Break them to produce a vine that you
can climb to a special bonus area. Head to the right from there to find a series
of warp pipes that will take you to worlds 6, 7, and 8.

Warp to World 5:
Keep to the ceiling and run past the exit pipe that would normally take you to 
the end of Stage 4-2. To the right, you'll find a warp pipe that leads directly
to World 5.

Warp to Worlds 2,3, and 4:
As you ride the elevators near the end of the level, you can jump onto the ceiling
and run along it to find a warp area that lets you skip directly to world 2, 3, or 4.

Unlockable Abilities and Modes:
You can activate various perks and content by meeting the corresponding requirements,
as indicated below.

All Weapons Pierce  - Defeat 200 armored enemies, plus finish the game on any difficulty
Always Break Bricks - Break 1000 bricks, plus finish the game on any difficulty setting.
Bouncy Pits         - Stomp on 200 enemies, plus finish the game on any difficulty setting.
Evil Hammer Bros.   - Defeat 50 of the Hammer Bros. enemies, plus finish the game on 
                      any difficulty setting.
Infinite Ammo/Hover - Pick up ammunition stockpiles 200 times or more.
Unlimited Lives     - Clear the game without continuing.
Invincibility       - Defeat 1000 enemies, plus finish the game on any difficulty setting.
Water Mode          - Defeat 300 Cheep-Cheep enemies.
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