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Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate Cheats

Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Tanuki Passwords List (with Rewards):
Written by bat0

Passwords for Pokopon. Usable once per save file.

Passwords and rewards showing like this:

Password   Reward
Critical - Extreme Sword
O-FENCE! - Rush Shield
Golddigger - Pauper's Plank
Treasury - Dirk of Debts
Cursed Blade - Violent Blade
Vegicide - Scythe
Carpe Diem - Day Shield
Carpe Noctem - Midnight Shield
Arms Race - Bunch Bracelet
Nonary Game - Nonary Bracelet (Cursed)
Shakespeare - Drama Staff [5]
Happy Grass - Cheery Grass (Blessed)
I Love Zombies! - Revival Grass
Lost and Found - Undo Grass
Carte Blanche - Blank Scroll
Furry Ferret - Blessing Scroll
Coupon - Coupon Scroll
Gambler - Gambler's Scroll
Miss Mist - Dodger Pot [5]
All Lucky 7s - Fever Pot [3]
Pot O' Laughs - Hilarious Pot [5]
Synthesis - Synthesis Pot [5]
Banana Prince - Red Cat
Pumphantasm - Orange Cat
Kitty Cat - Yellow Cat
Green Grass - Green Cat
Chunsoft - Blue Cat
Shinya Kano - Indigo Cat
Perfect - Purple Cat
Tao's Stash - 5000 Gitan
I Love You! I Hate You! You're the Worst - Dialogue

-=Personal Notes=-
I wouldn't use any of the passwords.

Not until I've beaten the story dungeon and made some preparations.

-=Weapon, Shield, and Bracelet=-
The uses of these are mostly situational, I can do just fine without them.
If I ever wanted its rune effect, I'd rather grind on Merchant's Hideout.
Most importantly, a waste of storage slot right now.

Staff: nope. Grass: meh.
Scroll: Absolutely not! I still need Extraction Scroll and a Blessing Pot 
for ease of use.
Pot: Could i find Fever Pot on Merchant's Hideout?

The rainbow Cat items are related to a certain post-game dungeon. 
Also a waste of storage slot right now.

Useful Tips:
Written by Misfit

Some tips that took me some runs to realize:

* Get NPCs, the are a huge help when starting out. You can get gen the cat 
  right away I guess.
* Go to 2nd left house in the village and get cat juice, give it to gen south 
  of the hotel. Now you can recruit him for free.
* In the leftmost house there is also the son of the rich man, he will run off 
  and join you if you die the first time.
* You get some more npcs while playing the story.
* They all keep their level between runs, so you should use them as soon as 
* Unlock the points shops asap, so you can get undo herbs to keep you equipment.
* You have to do the pot guy lottery first, for that you need some money. You 
  can return to town if you find an escape scroll, undo herb, etc. Or after you 
  finish a tower, which should be easy if you abuse the npcs to tank for you.
* After you unlocked the points shop you can go with your best equipment every 
  run, you cant lose it anymore with a undo herb in your inventory (costs 70 
  points, you get much more every run), if you die just select "escape" and your 
  back in town with all your money and inventory.
* Choose weapon/shield combinations that produce an extra effect.
* Upgrade those as much as possible and most important plate them, this can be 
  done by a random npc, scroll or in the 2nd town, after the first 3 towers. 
  Plating keeps their level if you step in those annoying -level traps, after 
  you got your favorite shield and weapon plated they dont affect you anymore.
* When your about to finish the 3rd tower, keep a juicy peach in a preservation 
  pot, you need it in the next town. You get that from a hard peach, just have 
  it in you normal inventory, I goes to normal->juicy->rotten.
* You can sell any item to the pet license guy in town.
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