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ShineG In The Zombies Cheats

ShineG In The Zombies

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get Tons of Star Tokens Easily:
Written by Kawaii Thomas

A quick easy trick to getting a bunch of star tokens.

-=It Is Crazy=-
Just stand in front of a star token dispenser and pause the game. 
The timer on the star token dispenser will continue while the game
is paused, so when you unpause, depending on how long you've left 
the game paused, you'll receive a flurry of star tokens all at once.

It's about 1 star token for every 8 or 9 seconds, just like when 
the game is running, but you don't have to fight off zombies while
waiting for the tokens to come out.

This trick DOES NOT work for bomb dispensers, that timer pauses 
when you pause the game.
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