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Sapiens Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Interact with Another Tribe:
You’ll keep getting the notification that another tribe has been spotted, 
but you cant seem to locate them? Is there a trick to this or is it just 
look around and get lucky? Read below.

It’s quite simple.

When you get the notification, press Enter. They’ll usually approach your 
tribe and stay in close proximity for a time before leaving.

Yes, immediately pause & press enter.

Pause first because if you get any other notifications you won’t be able 
to use enter to zoom to the visitors.

Click on them, use plus sign & select any in area, check to make sure they 
don’t have children or others following behind out of range.

Try not to use elderly/children to recruit because they are slow & the 
visitors may be faster than them & not be able to be ‘caught’ to join.

Role Cheatsheet:
Written by MadPhoenix

A quick cheatsheet to help you set up your Sapiens roles.

-=The Sheet=-
There are actually few basic/general things that children can`t do in this 
game, allowing you to free up role slots for more complex tasks on a lot 
of adults. Im not shure of the restrictions on pregnant women/carrying her
child. Will update once i have a pregnant one again. Elders can still do 
everything, they are just slower and tire faster.

-=All can do=-
* General Labor, Basic Building, Investigation, Diplomacy
* Fire Lighting, Butchery, Basic Coocking, Grinding, Baking
* Pottery, Ceramics
* Rock Knapping, Flint Knapping, Bone Carving
* Flax Spinning, Tool Assembly
* Music

-=Children can`t do=-
* Basic Hunting, Spear Hunting
* Digging, Mining, Tiling
* Thatch Building, Wood Building, Mud Brick Building, Brick Building
* Tree Felling, Wood Working
* Planting, Threshing

Hope this helps you speed up you Tribe organisation a bit, or at least 
gives you a quick overview on what to plan for.

Quick Tips for Planting:
Written by Zertho

Quick guide on planting and what to expect / look out for.

-=How to Plant Easy=-
Be sure to start planting your wood / fruit tree source early as it takes 
several years for them to yeald any fruit or seeds that you are able to eat or 
plant to make more! Vegetables will yeald food and seeds afther the first 
growing cyclus.

To be able to unlock and plant something you must have discovered it, aka made 
a sapiens gather said plant or tree. when this is done the plan will unlock in 
your planting page. and in order to plant anyhting at all you need to have the 
stone axe head in your storage along with a seed or fruit from the groth you 
wish to plant.

If you want to plant any kind of vegetables or fruit trees make sure your sapien 
is not hungry when gathering it so he carries it straigth to storage or to an 
already desegnated spot, or else your Sapiens will eat it instead. if you want 
to make a farm to get resources from all types of trees make sure you do not 
harvest the branches, as i have discovered that this slows down / prevenst the 
yeald of fruits or pine cones that you can gather, if you leave the branches 
alone i saw a bigger / more frequent yeald of fruits and pine cones, limited 
to the seasonal growth time ofc.

If you find a patch of any plant or tree that is very far away and you want to 
grow it in your base you need to first make one or two storage spaces where the 
tree or plant is and then send sapiens there manually, when they get in range of 
the plant or tree they will respond to your work order and start to gather and 
store it in the storage, you then need to make a route from that storage to your 
main storage so your sapiens will carry it back to your base.

To plant trees you need to gather the seeds from the tree. be careful so your 
sapiens dont use the pine cone for fire wood, they will do this if you dont have 
branches or logs in your storage and one of your fire’s need fuel.

-=All fruit trees=-
Gather the fruit from the tree.

-=All vegetables=-
Gather the vegetable, keep in mind that most, if not all vegetables will leave 
a sapling form where you just harvested it so you can go back to gather it again 
for more food or seeds to plant more.

Pro tip here is to get your Beetroot patch as big as possible as this grows all 
year round and is a steady and secure way to get food.

-=Berry bushes=-
Gather the berry.

Rasberry is also a good choice as this grows fast and also provides a steady food 
source if you have enugth bushes.
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