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Sansha Mendan: Rensa Suru Chijoku Choukyou no Gakuen Cheats

Sansha Mendan: Rensa Suru Chijoku Choukyou no Gakuen

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Sansha Mendan is overall a fairly simple game to play, but some things 
are obtuse or difficult to understand at first. I’ll explain pretty much 
everything about the game here.

* A day-by-day walkthrough of this game is completely unnecessary, if 
you just consistently do events for all the girls at once without using 
the “wait” function too much, it is very easy to see all the content this 
game has to offer without missing anything. Focusing on one heroine is 
fine, but you’ll need to restart from the beginning to get the harem 
ending which is unlocked only after corrupting every heroine all on one 
save file. The skip function makes this not a big deal, so don’t worry 
about focusing on one heroine at a time.

* On the map screen there are images of the heroines’ faces which you 
click to initiate an event with them. Full-color face image means it’s 
a plot event which progresses the story. Dimmed-color face image means 
a minor scene which does not progress the story. You will not be able 
to see these minor events if you progress the story past them, but since 
they expend in-game time you’ll want to quicksave before reading them to 
not lose out on any time (though there’s more than enough time to not 
really worry about this – the time limit is 50 days.)

* Cumming inside or outside doesn’t change the story, but if you want 
100% CG collection, quicksave at the choice and go through both.

* A big theme of this game is threesomes. There are a lot of threesome 
scenes. But in order to see most of these scenes, you have to be careful 
about the corruption order for each pair of heroines. One girl must be 
corrupted before the other, or the threesome scenes for that pair will 
be locked out for the rest of the game. 
* There’s a “strip” option in the menu which allows you to make the girls 
wear nothing but their underwear, among other things. Most of this 
underwear is never shown anywhere else in game, so be sure to use this 
option to see them if you want to. Additionally, the girls change what 
underwear they’re wearing after each story sex scene (for a total of 4-5 
pairs each), so keep that in mind.

* Hold enables/disables the presence of the menu on the bottom of the 
screen. Cut-in enables/disables the secondary CGs overlayed over the 
primary CGs (such as shots of the MC kissing the heroine). Face/bust/hip 
determines which part of the heroine’s sprite is focused on when she 
is close to the protagonist.

* You can collect items whenever you feel like it. They unlock optional 
post-corruption scenes and have no impact anywhere else.
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