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Sanguine Rose Cheats

Sanguine Rose

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Walkthrough for All Endings & Achievements:
Written by lylat

Sanguine Rose is an erotic visual novel set in a gritty fantasy world 
with several routes and endings. It also features 39 achievements, all
documented in the walkthrough below.

Epilogues can be either played or skipped, they wonít affect on achievement unlocks at all.
Follow the guide thoroughly to avoid any issues.
Estimated Completion Time: 10 minutes if skipped.
Sanguine Rose Walkthrough
Start a New Game.
Click on the middle guy: WAIT
Save 1
Weíre going to lay low for a week and see if anyone shows up.
A Way through the Woods
Choose to gather supplies from the local area.

Prisoners speak only when spoken to.
I said shut it, w h o r e!
How about I break a few fingers and weíll find out together?
I can see how you p issed the others off.
The Low Road
Antagonise Carmen in your first conversation.

Iím fine here. Tell Markus to rest up now. He can watch later.
Youíve been a prisoner before?
Save 2
[Let her continue.]
[Touch her.]
A Lesson in Control
Listen to Carmenís orc story.

Iím taking over while the prisoner eats.
Maybe a little. Now on your knees.
Well I canít let our honored guest eat on her knees, can I?
An Appetite for Service
Feed Carmen on the barrel.

Okay. Okay. Donít tell Markus and Glasha about this.
Save 3
Sheís dangerous, but we have to finish the mission.
An Offering of the Body
Watch Crow dressing.

Save 4
No. And no amount of thinly veiled threads will change that.
Burning Bridges
Refuse to listen to Carmen.

Play as Markus & Glasha (Bonus POV Scene)
[Play as Glasha.]
You do not have to worry about that.
A long, long time.
The Orc and the Rogue
Play the Hot Springs scene with Glasha and Markus.

The Price of Freedom
Carmen burns down the watchhouse.

Load Save 4
Fine. Iíll hear you out, General.
Buying Time
Agree to negotiate with Carmen.

Keep playing as Roman (Skip ahead)
Save 5
Iím still not sure how reliable you really are. Perhaps Crow can convince me.
The w h. o r e gets what the w h. o r e wants.
What is Given
Choose Crow during negotiations.

A Knightís Confession
Tell Carmen what you were offered.

They know the risks. Youíre not leaving empty handed.
A Promise of Power
Join the Sanguine Rose army.

Load Save 5
Iíll tell you, and only you, once you show me how reliable you really are.
What is Offered
Choose Carmen during negotiations.

F u .c k the mission, and f u .c k Carmen. None of this is worth it.
The Bird in the Hand
Leave with Glasha and Crow

Load Save 3
Sheís fascinating, but I feel like we canít stop now.
Go ahead, Iím happy for you to play a more active role in the schedule.
An Offering of Service
Swap shifts with Crow after she dresses.

The Temptation of Service
Become subservient to Crow.

Keep playing as Roman (Skip ahead)
An Oath of Service
Become Crowís Knight.

Load Save 2
[Stop her.]
A Lesson in Power
Listen to Carmenís merchant story.

Iím taking over while the prisoner eats.
Iím just not taking any risks.
I have a better idea. Get on your knees.
I suppose. Iím only human.
Take off your clothes, then hers.
An Appetite for Power
Feed Carmen on her knees.

Is that why you woke me? To relieve your frustrations?
Save 6
Youíre right. Even if I watch myself, one of the others could break.
His Hands, Her Axe
Tell Glasha youíve lost control.

Fine. Iíll hear you out, General.
Keep playing as Roman (Skip ahead)
Iím still not sure how reliable you really are. Perhaps Crow can convince me.
The w h. o r e gets what the w h. o r e wants.
The Pale Flower
Keep the Red Velum.

Finish the mission. Even if it means going alone.
You canít trust her. Sheís going to kill you.
If you let her go, youíll always be a pawn in her games.
Save 7
Let Carmen go.
Release Carmen to save your life.

Load Save 7
Take her with you.
Nobody Wins
Kill Carmen

Sanguine Rose Walkthrough #2
Load Save 1
Weíll gather supplies for the next three days and then head north.
A Path through the Town
Choose to gather supplies from Whitewood.

Hello General Valentine.
Your current attire will do.
My name is Roman.
Youíre right. Iím a hired sword, I donít ask questions.
The High Road
Avoid angering Carmen in your first conversation.

Save 8
I trust Markus to look after himself in a fight, Crow can go.
If you take over now Iíll give you the night off. You can get as drunk as you like.
A Contest of Strength
Work the night shift.

She attacked me last night.
Iím a mercenary, Iím just in it for the gold.
A Contest of Will
Argue with Carmen and hit her.

A Knife in the Back
Find the horses missing.

Load Save 8
Fine. Donít drink too much and donít take too long. Youíre on night shift.
Before you go, tell Crow to head down. I want to make sure she can keep watch.
Ignore her. Sheís just trying to get under your skin.
No, youíre the queenís.
[Sneak down to the cellar and listen in.]
A Show of Pleasure
Watch Carmen corrupting Crow.

Iíll take over.
Youíve been a prisoner before?
[Stop her.]
Save 9
[Follow the person.]
Click anywhere to go through the scenes.
The Crow and the Harpy
Watch Crow in the Bound Harpy.

Sure, letís say Iím interested.
Save 10
Iím curious to hear these ideas. Letís keep her.
Play as Markus & Glasha (Bonus POV Scene)
The Open Palm
Play the scene where Markus meets Gwen.

Iím still not sure how reliable you really are. Perhaps Crow can convince me.
The w hore gets what the w hore wants.
Play as Crow (optional PoV scene)
[Enter the Cellar.]
[Play as Crow.]
The Temptation of Fear
Play the Shibari Crow scene.

An Enduring Heart
Choose to be with Crow.

Save 11
It would be pointless to go all this trouble and leave empty handed.
An Oath of Vengeance
Swear vengeance on Carmen after releasing her.

Load Save 11
No. No title is worth losing them.
The Third Way
Leave with your whole team.

Load Save 10
Let her play the whole, if thatís what she wants.
Keep playing as Roman (Skip ahead)
Iíll tell you, and only you, once you show me how reliable you really are.
Play Crow Whoring Scene (bonus scene)
[Play as Crow.]
[Point of view: Stay as Crow.]
Remove her clothes.
A Satiated Desire
Play the scene where Crow works as a w hore.

F x x k that. Youíre done being strung along by nobles.
A Return to the Road
Leave with only Glasha.

Load Save 9
[Check on the prisoner.]
[Walk in.]
Can quit after unlocking the achievement.

The Crow and the Watcher
Watch Crow in the attic.

Load Save 6
Iím making the best of a bad situation. Iím not compromised.
Can quit after unlocking the achievement.

His Voice, Her Words
Tell Glasha youíre still in control.
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