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Sands of Salzaar Cheats

Sands of Salzaar

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Starters Tips:
Written by Rem

This is just a concise guide I put together to help first timers who may 
be having difficulty.

-=Tips and Helpful Info=-
* Your army will level up faster if it is smaller. This is due to how XP is 

* You can purchase gifts from towns sometimes, as well as finding them in 
* AOE spells are OP, so you will want a character that has some. If they don't 
  start out with some try to learn some Arcana because spells make a big 
  difference in battle.

* Holding CTRL will speed up the game. To speed up dialogue, just spam mouse 
  click while holding CTRL in order to speed through any dialogue.

* Buy speciality items from a town, travel as far away as possible to the 
  other side of the map, sell the items. They will sell for 2x-3x more 
  depending on how far you travel.

* I recommend Thur troops from Umbra Cliffs because they deal lots of damage 
  and they don't require a lot of resources to promote.

* As soon as you can, try conquering any and all bandit camps you see that 
  have Jade in them. Conquering one of these can net you 50 jade, plus other 
  resources, as well as the jade and resources sitting in chests inside the 
  camp. These chests refill periodically so you can keep coming back later on.

* Some animals and "monster" units are very powerful. If you are finding the 
  game difficult, try turning off real mode. This will allow you to recruit 
  powerful units such as demon's and dragons to your army.

* If you want to become allies with a faction, go to the intel tab, click 
  the faction, click the diplomacy button and choose "goodwill". This can 
  make you allies with a neutral faction or even fix relations if you are 
  at war with one. 

* The options are goodwill, ceasefire, declare war, or alliance depending on 
  your relationship with the faction. Note: this will require money but that 
  should not be too difficult using the item selling method described above.

* There is a quest in West Docana Desert where you need to bring 3 white rose 
  potions in order to calm a snake. When turning in the quest you will have 
  the option to kill the snake or not. Do not choose to kill it. Instead choose 
  the peaceful option, and the woman will grant you 15x extra inventory slots.

* In order to find someone, you can talk to any of the heroes who have an army, 
  travel the map or are stationed in cities. These heroes all have an option "
  I want to ask about someone". Just click that and ask them where the person 
  you are looking for is.

* If you are in a siege, there should be buttons on the right side saying 
  "attack/defend/follow" etc., if you want to speed things up you can just 
  click on all troops and then "attack". This will make your entire army move 
  at once to attack the next point.

* If you are in the late game and all the cities are too heavily defended, 
  use intel and select "gather a squad". If you have appointed any sultan to 
  towns, they will all close in on your location and follow you around the map.
  When you go to siege a town now, you will have the combined forces of your 
  own army as well as the armies of your sultans, which will be more than enough
  to conquer most cities.

* Finally, do not underestimate AOE spells and what a difference they can make 
  in battle. The thumbnail for this guide is of a siege I launched on Agadir:

I ended up winning because as enemy troops piled in, I just mowed them down 
using arcana and some of the spiritmancers' spells. My troops all died but my 
hero kept respawning and mowing them down until eventually I was able to capture 
the points and win. Never underestimate AOE spells they can turn the tide of 
battle even when your army is outnumbered and outmatched.

In conclusion, these are just a few helpful things I wish I had known when I 
started out. Knowing these few tips would have been very helpful for me starting 
out so I figured I would share some of them with you guys.
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