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Sailing Era Cheats

Sailing Era

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Barmaid Port List:
Written by Coal Lobster

Simple list of ports and barmaids.

* Julianne

* Sakurako

* Valentina
Havana/Merida/Veracruz (need to double check)

* Camille

* Gu Wan

* Merriam

* Vera Lucia Scythia

* Nubu Kasheli

* Theresa
Antwerp or Amsterdam (need to double check)

* Daisy

* Kanam Agarwal

* Clara Monica

* Priya

* Andrea
Veracruz/Merida/Trujillo (need to double check)

* Emin
Muscat (Need to double check)

* Latia

General Tips and Tricks:
Build an accounting room on your flagship as soon as possible (unlocked 
after having 100k gold for the first time).

You get 2% extra profits per calculating level that your assigned character has, 
which might not seem much at first, but it adds up fast, if you get 10% or more 
extra gold per sale.

You also only need to have the character in the accounting room, when you actually 
sell goods, so they can be in a different room during voyages.

Iím using Lu Liyuan (joins if you start with Yun Mu, idk if other starters can get
 him as well) as accountant and surveyor, for example.

Another room you want built as soon as possible is the studio (unlocked by having 
knowledge of 50 types of goods), which has a 3% x your characters selection skill 
lvl each day to turn one of the goods on board of your ship into premium goods.

This not only makes them more expensive to sell, but they are also needed for 
several trade quests, so itís good to get that room as soon as possible.

You do need to have one character in the room for the entire time, while you are 
at see though, so they can only have that job and possibly a combat related one, 
if youíre willing to switch them around for combat.

Use triple forward shrapnel cannons + 2 heavy metal armor + large ship of your 

Given the setup above, you can solo every single bounty. Leave the rest of your 
ships at a nearby dock to minimize losses.

Avoid bounties in narrow areas (Persian Gulf, Florida Straits) since pirates 
always have high positional advantage on contact.

It is very possible, even easy, to find routes early on that allow you to grind 
up money reliably over time. It is tempting, then, to do exactly that, only 
exploring once you have plenty of cash under your belt.

Resist this urge. Exploration offers rich rewards, both monetary and otherwise. 
In particular, the more you explore the faster you can find new crew members, 
whoíll serve vital roles to empower your ship. As well, the further you explore 
the more likely you are to find even more lucrative trade opportunities than that 
available in your immediate area. Thatís not to say that a little grinding now 
and then isnít out of place if thereís some specific thing you want to save up 
for and itís within relatively easy reach, but try not to burn yourself out 
running back and forth endlessly between two ports when thereís so much more 
to do that gives you so much more.

Also, on that note, when you get new crew members try to level them up somewhat 
when you get a chance. Not only does this unlock various bonuses, it frequently 
unlocks various sidequests.

Trade Tips:
The trade tip below after you invest in theroute to max brings in 3.2mil for 
7 mins of work.

Trade tip Europe selling firearms and other weps to Africans big money in it.

The African trade route below once unlocked can make you 300k to 500k a trip.

Recommend starting guilds specifically in Arguin(Gold) Sierra Leone (diamonds),
 Abidjan(gold Ė Ivory) and St. George(gold) For the Guilds, you only need to 
invest mainly in Trade and a little bit in the Population.

Port trade routes auto move charts / Where to buy them:7
* Lisbon: Spain, Portugal
* Genoa: Ligurian Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, Ionian Sea, Adriatic Sea, Dias, New World (x2)
* Athens: East Mediterranean, Black Sea
* London: English Channel
* Amsterdam: North Sea
* St. George: Northwestern Africa, Gulf of Guinea
* Cape Town (black market): Vasco de Gama
* Zanzibar: Eastern Africa
* Suez (black market): Indian Ocean
* Muscat: Arabian Sea
* Basrah: Red Sea

Finding Witch in Red:
So that rumor is only triggered with Daniel in your party.

Go to Trieste and it will trigger your first scene with Daniel, he will have 
you to Venice. Then go to Trieste again the month after that, you will need 
to go rescue Daniel.

You go to Venice tavern after and you can pick him up. After that go to Marseilles 
to trigger the first witch appearance. Then go to Palma across the pond to have 
her join.

Profit Tips (Venice Carnival):
Written by Fateburn

Iím sure many are aware that in the month of February, the Venice Carnival buys 
Hobby, Liquor and Artware goods at increased prices.

However, itís worth keeping in mind that Jewelry, Glass Artware and Oil Paintings 
will not sell for much even during the festival as Venice already produces those.

So best nearby places to stock up from is Athens, Thessalonica, Naples and Genoa.

-=Gold, Ivory and Diamonds=-
West Africa has gold, ivory and diamonds as itís designated trades. So load up on 
those expensive things and go up to northern europe if you see a west africa thing 
up there. they sell for lots and lots of coin. Also, if you want to open a guild in 
east africa bring coral from the carribean, youíll need 5 per port.

I recommend starting guilds specifically in Sierra Leone, Abidjan and St. George 
specifically as they have a solid selection of Gold/Diamonds. Gold and Diamonds 
are worth much more than Ivory apparently despite being about the same price when 
buying. For the Guilds, you only need to invest mainly in Trade and a little bit 
in the Population, Tech is optional.

The Culture Prominent surge for West Africa can happen in other places other than 
North Europe as well, not sure if it is but it does seem to be a random status that
the game checks for at the start of each month.
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