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Rune Factory 4 Special Cheats

Rune Factory 4 Special

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The Quiz Contest Guide (All True and False Answers):
Heres a list of all the answers. 
Quiz is on 13th after it is purchased for points. 
O for True and X for False.

-=List of True Answers=-
* The two statues in front of the Bell Hotel are facing each other.
* There are two golden lobster statues in front of Porcolineís kitchen.
* There are individual baths for each gender. 
  The entrance to the menís is to the right.
* You can harvest pumpkin without the need to plant seeds again afterwards.
* Defeated monsters are sent to The Forest of Beginnings.
* Arthur has more than 100 pairs of glasses.
* Fireflies show up at night during the summer.
* Forteís first love was her father.
* If you use a sickle on crops, youíre more likely to get better seeds!
* Itís a question about tools. To chop branches or stumps, you need an axe.
* Kiel is a boy.
* The hammer can be used to flatten cultivated soil.
* Tiny Bandage Clinic was named by Dr. Jones.
* Over 100 travelers have asked Lin Fa out.

-=List of False Answers=-
* Bado will be rich someday.
* After harvesting yams, you do NOT need to plant seeds to further the crop.
* Iím going on a diet.
* Porcoline can run 100 meters in ten seconds.
* Porcoline is the hero of Rune Factory 4.
* The colors used for Tiny Bandage Clinicís sign are red and white.
* The object shown in the sign for Blacksmith Meanderer is a sword.
* The Para-Gone cures seal.
* The sign over Porcolineís Restaurant is a fork and spoon.
* There are six telescopes in Selphia Airship Way.
* When growing crops, you sometimes see a spirit called a RUNAY.
* When Nancy gets drunk, she canít see anyone but Dr. Jones.
* When you are poisoned your RP gradually decreases.
* When you are paralyzed you can walk twice as fast.
* Over 100 travelers have asked Lin Fa out.

if they pick all the same answers, you can always resort to brute force, 
and slowly nudge them out of the square. found this out well playing rune 
factory tides of destiny, and it works in every rune factory game ive tried 
it in.
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