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Rogalia Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Food System:
The way to raise your skills is to raise your stats. The way to raise 
your stats is by eating food. Food gives vitamins (protein, carbs, etc..) 
stats are tied to those vitamins (strength, dex, etc) then the skills are 
tied to those as well. They are all color coded so you can view them in 
the game. When you consume the food, you gain the vitamin. Then you perform 
tasks associated with that vitamin and the vitamin turns into your stats. 
Your skills cannot exceed your stats so you may eat protein to gain strength. 
If your strength is 15, you can only raise your carpentry, metalworking, 
and woodworking to 15. You need to eat more protein to raise themů

The top 3 stats are one group, and the bottom 3 stats are another group. 
Strength, Vitality, Dex. Int, Perception, Wisdom are another. Strength and 
Int, Vitality and Perception, Dex and Wisdom are opposite stats. 
So the higher your strength, the harder it will be to gain Int, or the 

How do I make money?:
Gathering 8 grass will allow you to make rope. Rope sells for a small, 
but decent amount of coin. There is an Auction House in the bottom left 
of the city. You cannot put things for auction, but you can see what other 
players have buy orders for. If you find/make these items, there is the 
place to sell them and make some better money. 
The NPC vendors in town also buy things.
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