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Replica Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Endings:
Ending 00: Refuse to pick up the phone from 4885 enough times.
Ending 01: Pick up and talk to the mother when she calls.
Ending 02: Call 1818 after getting the objective for finding 
           what the mysterious numbers are.
Ending 03: Call the reporter at 0987 without activating location 
Ending 04: Find evidence on Dickey and break into his private 
           picture folder
Ending 05: Call the reporter at 0987 after activating location services
Ending 06: Connect over bluetooth with code 1015, then push the big 
           red button some time during the 5th of November ingame time
           (you have to wait 2.5 realtime hours).
Ending 07: Connect over bluetooth with code 1015, then do not push 
           the button and let the game clock elapse to 6th of November
           (you have to wait 26.5 realtime hours) (not tested)
Ending 08: Enter 4989 as unlock code, write anything with “knock” 
           in it, pick red pill.
Ending 09: Enter 4989 as unlock code, write anything with “knock” 
           in it, but on the pill screen, exit the game by pressing
           escape, then start it up again.
Ending 10: Enter 4989 as unlock code, write anything with “knock” 
           in it, pick blue pill.
Ending 11: After getting the fourth ending twice, you will have an 
           extra law in your law book which can be used for immediate 
           execution. Use it.
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