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Redeemer Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Chapter Related Achievements (Requirements):
Written by Rogermorse

Requirements of Each Chapter:
Chapter 1 - Kick enemies (5 of them) off the cliffs (kind of broken, 
you have to delete your save and do it on first try I think).

Chapter 2  - Don't use guns at all.
Chapter 3  - Open all doors with kicks.
Chapter 4  - Take the torches off the wall, kill everybody.
Chapter 5  - Kill enemies in the fire.
Chapter 6  - Don't kill humans, kill only monsters.
Chapter 7  - Beginning of the level, let the 2 monsters kill the humans.
Chapter 8  - Kill every enemy on greenhouse area.
Chapter 9  - Be quicker than the big guys in Chapter 9 (?)
Chapter 10 - Don't break any glass tube in the laboratory. 
Chapter 11 - Drop enemies into fans.
Chapter 12 - Kill enemies with all the barrels of acid.
Chapter 13 - Kill some enemies with the grinder (enviromental).
Chapter 14 - Let the boss destroy the walls and the achieve should pop.
Chapter 15 - Kill enemies with all airplane propellers.
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