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Rebel Galaxy Cheats

Rebel Galaxy

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Effective Flak:
You can use flak to block approaching missiles, but that's not helpful 
if you're moving too quickly. You'll outpace your flak and the missile 
may find a way to hit you in spite of your defensive efforts. A better 
strategy when you need to deploy flak is to quickly decrease your speed 
and then drop it, which will allow the flak to serve its intended purpose.

Quick Credits:
You can earn easy credits when you buy low and sell high. Check out 
Korian Siege Stations, where you can find items steeply discounted, 
then take those items to Militia Embargo Stations to part with them 
for serious profit.

Scanning Assistance:
Before you initiate a scan, quickly pulse. That will highlight objects, 
which makes it easier to spot resources you can mine once the scan begins.
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