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Project CARS Cheats

Project CARS

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Eastbound & Down" achievement:
Try using the GT4 Ford Mustang Boss 302R because of its downforce and power.
Note: The Ford Zakspeed Capri does not count as a U.S. car because it was 
built by the German Zakspeed team. Choose a single race with no opponents.
You will still get the "Eastbound & Down" achievement if the lap time was 
invalidated due to a collision with the track limits.

General Tips:
* Be sure to check the condition of your vehicle often. 
* There are all kinds of controls options for players, so feel free to mess
  with the sliders and find something that suits you well.
* Pay attention to the weather. If it's raining, don't try to go top speed 
  at all times during a race.
* Unlike most racing games, you have access to a ton of cars right out of 
  the gate. Try different ones and find one that handles well for you.
* Feel free to knock down the difficulty if you're struggling. Then 
  gradually increase it the more you improve.

Easy "Hall Of Fame" achievement:
Although you do not need all invitations, you actually have to finish four
of the five historic goals. These are done while earning "Zero To Hero", 
"Defending Champ", "Triple Crown", and "Fully Loaded".

Easy "A Day In The Life" achievement:
You must finish a full 24 hour race to get the "A Day In The Life" achievement,
which can be done on the Le Mans 24H invitational event that appears at the end
of every season after 50 podium finishes in your career. You do not have to win
the race and can allow the CPU to drive for you by selecting "Swap Driver" at 
a pit stop. To get the achievement easily, begin a solo quick race with the 
following settings: time progression set to "real time", one lap, one opponent, 
no damage, no mechanical failures, no fuel usage, no tire wear, and no flags and
penalties. You can select any car and track. When the race begins, park your car
off the track where it cannot move. Allow the game to idle, then cross the finish
line when the timer has exceeded 1,440 minutes. Note: You can pause the game 
(this will also stop the timer), but cannot quit the race. The game will also 
auto-pause if the game's window loses focus or the computer enters sleep mode.
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