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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Cheats

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Also known as: "PES 2018"

How to Import PS4 Option File to PC:
Written by Swek.

* Download a PS4 option file and extract archive. 
* Copy WEPES folder and paste in 
  /Documents/Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 folder.
* Open game, go to EDIT 
  -> Data Management -> Import/Export -> Import Team > Select All Files.
* Check "Overwriting image files of the same name" and click OK.
* Wait until "Finished importing data." -> click OK.
* Next, again go to EDIT 
  -> Data Management -> Import/Export -> Import Team 
   -> Import Competition -> Select All Files. 
* Check "Overwriting image files of the same name" and OK.
* Go back "Finish editing and return to Top Menu?" and click YES.
* Edited Data Saving. Please do not turn off your system!

How to Solve Bundesliga Patch Problems:
Written by Ezaval00.

For PC players, there may be an error when trying to import squads of 
the German (Bundesliga) teams. This error appears as a squad with only 
Goalkeepers availabe in the match and in the Game Plan of the Team.

First, you should only select "Apply player and squad data" option in 
Advanced Settings when you have selected ONLY the ger. teams 
(German/Bundesliga Teams). Otherwise you will mess up the squads of other 
teams and will have to "Apply Live Update" and import the Bundesliga 
Teams again. 

Once you have imported the data for all teams, and the squad data for the 
German teams, Go to Edit > Teams > Select a Bundesliga team that only 
shows Goalkeepers > Game Plan > Data Management 
(on the right) > Default (bottom) > Yes. 

You should now see all the players avaialble in the squad. 
You might want to change things around because some teams wont have 
their best players in their starting eleven.
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