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Postal 2 - Apocalypse Weekend Cheats

Postal 2 - Apocalypse Weekend

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa

Press the shift and the @ key or the ~ key on some systems to make the Game 
Console Window Appear. Type in SISSY to enable the cheat modes then enter 
any of the following below for goodies.

Result                                     Code
All weapons                               - Gunrack 
Extra ammunition                          - blastacap 
Cat silencers for shotgun, assault rifle  - catfancy 
Cat-nip                                   - iamtheone 
Crack pipe                                - headshop 
Armor                                     - blockmyass 
$5,000                                    - jewsforjesus 
Doughnuts                                 - piggytreats 
Dog treats                                - boyandhisdog 
Radar-related items                       - swimwithfishes 
Gimp suit                                 - smackdatass 
Cop suit                                  - iamthelaw 
No clipping                               - ifeelfree 
Flight mode                               - fly 
Rocket cameras                            - fireinyourhole 
Shotgun and assault rifle shoot cats      - rockincats 
Disable rockincats code                   - dokkincats 
Cats bounce after being shot from gun     - boppincats 
Disable boppincats code                   - splodincats 
1% health                                 - alamode 
Drop your current gun or weapon           - packnheat 
1% health and drop current weapon         - iamsolame 
God mode ON                               - set P2Player bGodMode true
God mode OFF                              - set P2Player bGodMode fals

Get into any map and free roam:
Select a map file in the "maps" folder in the game directory (for example, 
"LowerParadise"). Copy the file to a different directory. Rename the map 
and put "cus" before the name. (for example, "cusLowerParadise"). Cut and
paste the file back into the "Maps" folder. Start the game, go into the 
options, then select "Custom Maps". The map you copied will appear. 
Highlight it, then select "Load". 

Enhanced mode:
Successfully complete the game.
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