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Plutocracy Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to become the wealthiest investor in the game:
Written by odiN | ApesNotMonkeyz

This guide will focus on how to turn 100K starting capital into extreme profits.

-=How to become the wealthiest investor in the game=-
Hello! In this section of the guide I will be introducing you to the game mechanics and 
explain some of the most essential key elements to Plutocracy.

Once you join a fresh game you will notice a few variables in the hotbar.

$ 100 000 in starting capital
50 loyalty
$ 100 000 in Net Worth
Your game rating
These 4 elements will give an overview of how youíre investments are doing, whether it 
is stock-investments or collectibles. I will talk more about the different types of 
investment opportunities later.

You will also start the game with 2 skill points that you will want to assign a set of 
skills. Please read the next section to decide which skills is worthwhile investing in.

-=Setting up the game=-
Now that you have made yourself acquainted with the game basics itís time to investigate 
the different companies available in your state.

I would not recommend traveling to a different state in the early stages of the game, as 
every dollar counts.

At first I recommend that you get an overview of the companies in your state. Pay especially 
attention to the companies with low market cap, as these will be easier to get voting powers 
in the company board. I usually focus on companies worth no more than $4 000 000 in the 

It is also important to get knowledge over the companies market share, profit margin and 
ROI. These numbers should all be in the green as you buy them. These also tend to grow 
relatively quick in the beginning stages.

Remember also to have enough Influence to begin negotiations with a shareholder.

Before you decide to invest your money in a company, it is important that you assign your 
skill points.

In the beginning i highly recommend that you invest you skill points into Economics, as 
this will give you a higher advantage in negotiations.

As you in the beginning wonít have to worry about the well-being of the company you only 
need to assign skill points to the Investments skill. I would recommend assigning all 
available skill points into this skill. If wanted you could rather assign 1 skill point 
to the Psychology skill as this will reduce the amount of Influence needed to begin 
negotiations. This is also a benefit if you have trouble finding suitable companies with 
no one to negotiate with.

Once you have assigned your skill points and gotten an overview of the state companies 
itís time to start investing your capital.

-=First stock purchase=-
It is time to invest your capital into a company.

For a first time purchase, i would recommend finding a shareholder with low Economics- 
and Diplomacy skills as high levels in these can make the price high and negotiations 
success-chances worse. Also stay away from shareholders with low success chance.

-=Stay far away from Agents until later in the game.=-
Start a negotiation with the shareholder of your choice. This next step would make 
Rockefeller horrified, but in this game it pays off to invest all your money into one 
stock. Go ahead raise the stock bar all the way.

During the first negotiations argument I recommend choosing which ever option that 
leaves you as close to 50% or more in success rate. Secure the stock, and donít negotiate 
at round two. You could risk losing Influence, which is extremely valuable at the 
beginning stages of the game.

You will now be significantly reduced for quite a few quarters of the game. Speed up 
until you have a quarterly income of $5 000 or more.

At this point itís all about continuing to invest in your first company, until you get 
become a voting shareholder.

While you are increasing your stakes in the company, you could also spend some money 
on collectibles, as these will be valuable later in the game, if you wish to increase 
relations with other shareholders.

-=Voting shareholder, what now?=-
Once you have become a voting shareholder itís time to start influencing the company 
from the inside.

If you have obtained other skill points upon this stage I would recommend continuing 
to invest those skill points into the Investments- and Psychology skills.

Once safely inside the companyís tight circle, you will wanít to push for more workspaces, 
and increase the number of workers. This will increase both income and expenses, but 
the product each worker produce is worth more, than the expenses itself. So the net Ė 
income will increase the higher number of workspaces and workers your company has.

Try also to push for a decrease in the companyís dividends. The more money you allow 
the company to keep, the faster it grows. You can increase the dividends later, when 
you are the majority shareholder of the company.

-=Majority Shareholder=-
Now that you have become the majority shareholder of the company itís time to buy out 
the remaining shareholders.

Start by appointing your skill points to the Bookkeeping- and Finances skills. This 
will reduce management costs and reduce taxes. As soon as you become the majority 
shareholder vote for the dividends to increase significantly, this will return income 
into your personal account, which will allow for you to buy out the other shareholders.

Once you have bought out the remaining shareholders decrease the dividends down to 
about 25%. Keep investing into your workspaces and workers. And donít mind the strikes 
and accidents, if you keep your dividends at a low level, the company can afford the 

Once you have secured a high income for each quarter, preferably at least $70 000 to 
$90 000, you can start investing in competitive companies in the same market field. 
For example. if you first invested in an Oil Refinery, you must continue to invest 
in other Oil Refineries. An important goal of this game is to monopolize the markets. 
Use the same strategy as previously used to take control of other companies.

Once you have managed to build up quite the portfolio I would recommend gaining 
access to the Grants skill. I would also keep a good eye on the Governors ambitions 
and try to satisfy him/her in order to make good acquaintance. Once enable, issue a 
Government contract to your main company. This will greatly increase net Ė income.

Continue following this strategy and you will find yourself among the 1% of the 1% 
in no time.

I hope you found this guide quite helpful, i have had a lot of time to experience 
different types of strategies for this game, and I have found that this is by far 
the best strategy as of yet.

Good luck, and rememberÖ ďBe afraid not of large expenses, but of a small income.Ē

How to Become a Multi-Millionaire (Early Game):
Written by ChimaGamer 

How to become fast a multi-millionaire within the first quarter of the game.
Guide to Becoming Rich

-=The Strategy=-
1: Buy a share in two equal worth companies of the same type.
2: Make a share issue (max out the bar) in the company that can get the most cash 
   from it and buy in with all your money.
3: Max out loan in the company you but all your money in and take offer 
   (through merger) the other company you own one share in.
4: Make another share offer (max out the bar) in the newly formed company.
5: Sell all your shares after you made 200%+ increase in your wealth.
6: Repeat until richest person.

-=Tips for Doing This Strategy=-
* If your share issue efficiency is lower than 100% move to another state.
* Try at first with smaller companies later the big ones so that you can use 
  the bigger ones later.
* If other share holders stop you doing this strategy by voting against the merger, 
  make them your friends or buy parts of their shares.
* Take a loan from another character if you can.
* Issue shares in the company that has the biggest increase in worth.
* Put your skill points you gain in skill which makes buying shares easier.
* Start in new york or pennsylvania so you have little travel time to the next 
  nearest state.
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