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PickCrafter Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

WAMMY Achievement Guide:
Written by Caralantha

A questionable achievement that lacks clarity, this is how I did it and what 
I hope are relevent stats so others may follow in obtaining this pesky achievement.

-=How To Get The Achievement=-
The short of it is 10,000 criticals while the critical potion is active. Other 
constraints are not explained. When I sat down to get this achievement, I already 
had about 198,200 criticals and about 280 uses of the critical potion, and yet the
achievement had not activated yet. Clearly this isn't a casual "dings along the way"
sort of achievement, but one that must be actively sought after. When it did finally
activate, I had sat there at the End without turning the game off.

-=The Journey=-
The following helped reduce the time needed to activate this achievement drastically:

* Sono-Chrono Pick
* Reload Ability
* Reload Short Ability

When the pick's ability activates in the middle of the potion, it stretched out about 
10 seconds worth of potion a significantly longer period of time. The reload abilities
helped reduce cool down times so I could use the potion more frequently.

It took somewhere after 60 minutes but before 100 minutes. The only reason for knowing 
this is I finished before I was able to craft a 2nd mythical cube in the time frame and
crafting one takes 51 minutes for me. I was also able to do a 1 hour task in another 
game, giving the lower bound. Without using these, the amount of time it takes will be
significantly longer, up to more than twice as long as I took.

As stated earlier I started at about 198,200 criticals and 280 critical potion uses. 
At the end of this I was at 209,695 criticals and 333 critical potion uses. I had to 
look at Steam to see that the achievement activated since a notice didn't pop-up.

The most important part of this was keeping the game running and going for it in one
shot. I did not prestige. I did not change biomes. These latter two facts may or may
not affect the outcome. But as I didn't recieve the achievement before this run, 
(assuming 100 criticals on average per potion use would require 100 uses of the potion:
100x100=10,000) closing the game is definitely one cause for the achievement to not 

I play in windowed mode, and attended to other games so leaving the game on behind 
another game is okay.

I did fight some bosses along the way, but did not engage the witch as that would 
require me to leave the biome.

Other stats that may be relevent details to my run:

Reload Short Level 4
Reload Level 8 (+2)
Potion of Critical Strike Level 10 (+6)

-=Biome: The End=-
Prestige Level: 19
Pick Level: 19

Skill Tree Trandscended
Player x7
Chest x4
Idle x6

All skills are maxed out. 


Corrupt Pixie +24

+5 Drill
+3 Potion of Luck
+2 Reload
+2 Potion of Critical Strike
+1 Potion of Strength
+2 Treasure Seeker
+2 Ability Seeker
+1 Armor Boost
+1 Sharp Pickaxes
+1 Pickaxe Fuel
+1 Pickaxe Lighter
+1 Artifact Seeker
+1 Block Fortune
+1 Impatient Lockpicker

Blade +10

+2 Potion of Critical Strike
+1 Potion of Luck
+1 Drill
+2 Picks Master
+1 Wealthy Mobs
+1 Impatient Lockpicker
+1 Lucky Socks
+1 Armor Boost

Bramble +10

+2 Potion of Luck
+1 Potioin of Critical Strikes
+1 Drill
+2 Lucky Socks
+1 Artifact Seeker
+1 Mimic Bait
+1 Blacksmith
+1 Ability Seeker

Cactus Buddy +7

+1 Potion of Critical Strike
+1 Drill
+2 Lucky Socks
+1 Pickaxe Fuel
+1 Rare Block Seeker
+1 Mob Lure

None of the Mythical Devices have been crafted.
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