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OZMAFIA!! Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Caesar All Endings:
Written by Nyan

A quick walkthrough guide to reach all two endings of Caesar and his CGs.

-=Ending #1=-
* Hello
* Now that you mention itÖ
* I'll decide myself
* [Choose Caramia] (NO.1)
* I didnít have anything to doÖ
* Is that strange?
* What about Mr. Kyrie?
* [Choose Kyrie] (NO.2)
* Please tell me
* Itís boring
* [Choose Axel] (NO.3)
* [Join them
* Heís a strange person
* Iíll give it a shot
* Iím doing it because I want to
* [Choose Caesar] (NO.4)
* I want to remember it
* Axel
* Be annoyed
* Be confused
* [Choose Caesar] (NO.4)
* Show him itís safe
* Pancakes please
* Stop Mr. Kyrie!
* [Choose Caesar] (NO.4)
* You can rest easy with Soh by your side!
* They must be very kind people
* Iíd give up
* [Choose Caesar] (NO.4)
* You seem really strong
* Please donít be so rude
* But Axel isÖ
* [Choose Caesar] (NO.4)
* Talk about something
* Scar
* Thatís Mr. Kyrie for you
* Youíll get taller!
* [Choose Caesar] (NO.4)
* Absolutely!
* Please donít fight
* [Choose Caesar] NO.4)
* You should come to town
* Scarlet didnít really need to apologize
* [Choose Caesar] (NO.4)
* Isnít that kind of lonesome?
* Is she that stubborn?
* [Choose Caesar] (NO.4)
* That was so coolÖ
* Mr. Caramia
* [Choose Caesar] (NO.4)
* Tell him the truth
* I canít wait!
* Letís do it at the mansion
* [Choose Caesar] (NO.4)
* Okay
* You really take your job too seriously
* Thank you very much
* [Choose Caesar] (Only choice)
* I just canít get him off my mind
* Why donít all three of us have a chat?
* [Choose Caesar] (Only choice)
* Sounds like a handfulÖ
* Meteor Shower Gathering
* [Choose Caesar] (Only choice)
* I was so worried

* [Create Save 1]
* Good afternoon
* I donít think you should do thatÖ
* Donít leave me behind!
* MaybeÖ

-=Ending #2=-
* [Load Save 1]
* Are you doing alright?
* ......
* Could you slow down?
* Of course not
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