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OverNight Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basics of the Game:
Written by ClickToPlay Games

-=Survive and Escape=-
* You have to survive the night and the haunted location. 
* Use your phone to check the remaining time.
* Once the night has passed, the escape will became available at the Van.
* All players (that are still alive) must get to the Van in time to escape. 
  Otherwise, everyone will die.

* There are Good and Bad Ghosts at the location. 
* Your actions will determine which one will be summoned.
* You must avoid the Bad Ghosts encounters at all cost. If you don’t do this, 
  you will anger the Bad Ghosts which can lead to the Ghost attack.
* If you start seeing and hearing things, watch out! 
* It means that you have angered the Bad Ghosts and they are ready to attack 

And remember to be careful, you cannot see the Ghosts – 
you can only detect them with the items.

-=Energy Fields
* Energy Fields are the places with the increased Ghost activity and are spread 
  throughout the location.
* You can use them to summon the Ghosts and easily open communication with 
  the Ghosts.
* Watch out for the haunted items around Energy Fields, as they can attract the 
  Bad Ghosts.

* Spirit Board – Ghosts can communicate with you through the Board. 
  Speak to the Board and try to open the communication.
* Estes Method – One player equips the Estes Method and can see the Ghost 
  responses while others ask the questions.
* Bells – Used to detect Ghost movement and Ghost appearance.
* Music Box – Used to detect Ghost movement. Place it in the direction in 
  which you want to detect movement.
* Motion Ball – Used to detect Ghost movement. It bounces in opposite direction 
  of the Ghost movement so you can detect in which direction is Ghost moving.
* UV light – Detects the haunted marks.
* Dowsing Rods – Detects active Energy Fields and also reacts to the Ghosts.

-=Ghost Communication
* You need the communication item to be able to open the communication. 
* Look for the room with active Energy Field or the recent Ghost activity.

Once the communication with the Ghost is finished, you need to close the 
communication by saying “goodbye”. If communication is not closed properly, 
it can have fatal consequences.

Players are encouraged to communicate with the Ghosts as it can keep the Bad 
ones away while Good ones can reveal useful information.
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