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Outscape Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Command – Effect

bind – Syntax: ‘bind ‘ Bind a console command to a key

exit – Exit the game.

get_blueprints – Returns list with all blueprint which available for current player. 
Params: none. Example: get_blueprints

get_galaxy_info – Show current galaxy statistics. Parmas: none. 
Example: get_galaxy_info

get_parts – Returns list with all ship’s components which available for current player. 
Params: none. Example: get_parts

get_planet_info – Show information about target planet. Params: localized star name 
and number, planet name. Example: get_planet_info Orion 27 _IV

get_player_fleets – Show list of fleets which belong to target player name. 
Example: get_player_fleets Nickname

get_player_list – Show list of players which visible for current user. Params: none. 
Example: get_player_list

get_player_planets – Show list of planets which belong to target player. 
Params: target player name. Example: get_player_planets Nickname

get_star_info – Show information about target star. 
Params: localized star name and number. Example: get_star_info Orion 27

help – View available commands as well as their documentation.

hide_debug_collision_grid – Hides debug collision grid.

hide_debug_info – Hide debug page with information for developers. 
(allow shows bug report button)

loadLevel – Load a scene with the given name.

mute_music – Mute music audio in current scene.

print_object – Prints network objects to console that meets find criteria. 
Param: objectid or class name.

res – List supported fullscreen resolutions on this device

show_debug_collision_gid – Show debug collision grid. 
Using for collision debug on server side.

show debug_grid – Show debug grid of client objects. Using for render debug.

show_debug_info – Show debug page with information for developers

unbind – Syntax: ‘unbind ‘ Unbind a console command from a key

unmute_music – Mute music audio in current scene
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