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Ostriv Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get to Year 5 and Beyond:
Written by Barney Lee II

-=Year One=-
The requested 9 houses - (minimum in alpha 2 was 8 in that year... 
Maybe 7 it still wanted 9 but you could survive on 8/7).

But if you or anyone is having issues with doing the 9 houses do it like this...

Build 1 forestry (this is obvious... It is needed).

Once forestry is built pause the game..... Your build queue should look like this.

1 Thatcher
1 Clay pit
3 Houses
1 Well
2 Houses
1 Smithy + charcoal burner
2 Houses
1 Carpenter
Final house
Move (deconstruct) the well in the center and move it to the other houses 
(if needed).
2 Markets

Once all houses and etc have been built build/replace the cart parking.

-=Year 2=-
Queue can generally be any order from now on.

1 House
Town Hall

Farm + fields (I went with potatoes and wheat) **important** make sure you start 
these before the end of febuary or you won't get a decent harvest this year.

Hay dryers
Trading post (let them come to you to save coins)

After this year you only need to expand (build houses) as needed... Don't forget, 
once you have town hall you can remove some builders (you only generally need 3 
after year 2 anyway).

If you are having issues with coin once town hall is built, go into the economy 
and change pay to this.

1.50 for all workers/labourers.
2.50 for everyone else.
1.40>1.50 (max for a few years) on the rent.
Change if needed as it fluctuates.

-=Year 3/4=-
Queue = any order from now on.

Fallow the 2 fields and add another wheat/potatoe (hemp and users choice in year 4).

Hay barracks
Boat yard
Chicken coop
Cow shed
Slaughter house
And etc

I am still going strong in year 5 (with only 1 extra house taking it to 11 this 
gives a max of 50 people - to say you only have 50 with 16 houses? Means you have 
either done something wrong... Or the older gens have died).
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