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Nightmare of Decay Cheats

Nightmare of Decay

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips for How to Reach Wave 10 in Horde Mode:
Written by Evil Dave

The best map to do this is the Yard. At the start of every wave, rush 
to the right side of the wooden house (your right when leaving the 
safe house) with a firearm equipped and wait there for some seconds.

This is because at the start of every wave, there is a chance that 
fast enemies spawn. This chance increase wave after wave.

-=Weapons of Choice=-
the best melee weapon for sure. Charge the attack for increased damage.

fast, big mag, accurate and decent damage. Good for fast enemies.

a really strong gun designed for bosses or minibosses.

cheap explosive that can finish off hordes of zombies quickly.

You should buy the machete, machinegun, dynamite and a medikit from 
the start.

-=Type of Enemies Per Wave=-
1st wave: 
Regular zombies. One or two dogs may spawn as well.

2nd, 3rd and 4rth wave: 
Regular zombies, dogs and murloks.

5th, 6th and 7th wave: 
Regular zombies (faster), dogs, murloks, skeletons, cultists and spiders.

8th, 9th and 10th wave: 
Regular zombies (faster), knights, flesh golem / crazy chainsaw.

Tip: You should start buying the magnum and ammo for it at wave 6-7.

-=Other Tips=-
* Focus on the fast enemies such as skeletons, dogs, cultists, spiders 
  etc and kill them quickly.
* I recommend to dodge zombies and take care of them when all the fast 
  enemies are dead.
* Group up zombies by doing circles and use dynamite for kill a lot of 
  them at the same time.
* After killing a group of zombies with dynamite, equip your firearm 
  (fast enemies could spawn).
* Buy medikits instead of bottles. With 4 or 5 you should be fine 
  (depends on your skill).
* Save the medikits for when you really need them 
  (in a middle of a fight against a boss etc).
* If you get minor injuries wait for the safe house, buy a bottle 
  and heal yourself.

How to Defeat Final Boss:
The final boss is actually pretty easy… if it wasnt for its minions. He 
only summons 4 critters though. 1 skeleton, 1 skeleton with shield, then 
he summons a fast lizard buddy and finally a minotaur. 
After that its just you and him.

If he does a normal swing, you can actually dodge it by being up close to 
him and step aside, all the while you can just stab him, he wont hit you.

If you see him lower a bit he is going to summon those red balls. 
Just move around the arena and wait till they disappear. Cant take some 
time, especially since he likes making more if you are far away. 
Finally he will do his area attack. he lifts his sword over his head 

You cant outrun that, but you can step aside. If you are far enough away 
from him stepping aside will have you go right between the magic cuts.

If you are up close to him while he charge do the following: Turn and 
run and gently stir to the left or right. You should be able to slide 
in between the cuts without even looking. You may need to practice a bit, 
but once you got it down, the only challenge will be the minions.
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