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Neon Seoul: Outrun Cheats

Neon Seoul: Outrun

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Gameplay Tips:
Written by Pahayah

This is just some basics on the gameplay of Neon Seoul: Outrun. Basics of how 
to achieve higher score in the main mode of Neon Seoul: Outrun, so that you can 
also become a top player on the leaderboards of the game!

-=Basics of Getting Higher Score=-
Ok, so I am not necessarily an expert in this game (yet), but wanted to share 
some of my foundings, how to actually get higher score.

1.Lean forward immediately after starting the session to activate boost 
  The game actually seems to get harder the longer you play (police chases you 
  quicker etc.), and immediately after you start, there isn't much traffic on 
  the road. This is the chance to get quickly into booster mode.

2.Stay in boost as long as you can to gain multipliers
  The highest points are gained actually by multipliers. The longer you stay 
  in boost, the higher the multiplier gets. This will give you multiplied points.
  Aim for these. Try to do more near misses also, as this adds to the multipliers 

3.Don't crash! Stop yourself and claim multiplier bonus
  Do not crash! When you crash, you will lose all the multiplier you have collected. 
  As soon as you see cars or other obstacles approaching, lean back and stop or slow 
  down the car. Once you are out of boost for a few seconds, the multiplier will be 
  added to your points.

4.Repeat the boost and stop to claim as much as possible

The best chance to get the highest multiplier is at the beginning of the session, 
but even throughout the game, keep getting into boost to collect multiplier and 
then stop to claim them and add them to your points. 

This is important tactic to gain more points.
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