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Myth of Empires Cheats

Myth of Empires

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Admin Commands Guide:
Written by Bloodworth

-=Basic Admin Commands=-
To access the console panel press the tilde key (The key above TAB) if it 
does not work for you, be sure to set your keyboard type to ENG – US on 
your windows taskbar on the bottom right of your desktop screen.

-=General Commands=- 
[Credit to IceWarden and tehGOOSE for finding these.]

Cheat Fly – Allows Flying as admin
Cheat Walk – Disable flying and ghost
Cheat Say  – Works but doesn’t display anything in-game only logs
Cheat SaveWorld – Saves the Server
Cheat Ghost – Removes collisions from the character
Cheat GetPlayers – Works but doesn’t display output
Cheat God – Enables/Disables God Mode

-=Server Setting=-
Cheat SetServerLevel [level]
This will set the “maximum” level of your server, players that level above 
this will get XP penalty while the ones bellow it will not.
Time and Weather
Cheat setTime [time]
It will change the server time to the desired time, use 24h format. 
(Ex.: for 9 am , use the command Cheat setTime 09:00)
Cheat setTimeSpeed [speed]
It will change the speed at which time passes, numbers lower then 1 will 
slow it down.
Cheat setWeather [Weather Number]
It will change the weather to the corresponding selection. 
0=sunny; 1=cloudy; 2=fog; 3=dense fog; 4=cloudy; 5=drizzle; 6=heavy rain; 
7= thundershower; 8=light snow; 9= heavy snow; 10= blizzard; 11= miasma; 
12= miasma outbreak; 13= heat wave; 14= sandstorm; 15= thunderstorm
Thank you sailingsuzye.

-=Spawning Animals=-
Cheat SpawnNPCByIndex [Animal ID] [Distance] [Level] [amount]
This will spawn an animal in front of you the IDs seem to range from 1 to 26. 
(Ex.: Cheat SpawnNPCByIndex 13 100 1 10 will spawn 10 level 1 crocodiles 100 
centimeters away from you)
Cheat KillAllSpawnedNPC
This will kill all the spawned animals in case you made a mess.

-=Animal IDs (WIP)=- 
1 – Wolf
2 – Bear 1
3 – Deer 1
4 – Deer 2
5 – Rabbit
6 – Deer 3
7 – Deer 4
8 – Fawn
9 – Tiger
10 – Rhino
11 – Boar
12 – Alpha Bear
13 – Crocodile
14 – none
15 – Panther
16 – Bear 2
17 – Bear 3
18 – Boar 2
19 – Deer 5
20 – Deer 6

-=Spawning Items=-
Cheat additem [ID] [Amount] [Quality]
This will spawn the desired item into your inventory. 
(Ex.: cheat additem 347 1 1, will spawn a Wodden Armour of quality 1)

-=Admin QoL=-
Cheat DestroyTarget
Destroys the target under your crosshair.
Cheat StunTarget
Stuns the current target, if it is a tameable NPC you will be able to carry it for capture.
-=Notes and Tips=-
Extra tip that works even for non-admins, you can adjust your fov with the code bellow.

fov [amount]
Sets the field of view angle for the camera, this will reset every time you launch the game.
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